Washington, DC

Thanks to Patti for sending:

“Here’s an early July harvest and an early August harvest from Petworth. Yellow squash, zucchini, chard, strawberries and a lone tomato in July (I planted the tomatoes a bit late this year). Sungold and grape tomatoes, purple and green pole beans, the last of the chard, radishes, turnips and a TON of radish/turnip greens from August (I don’t think I thinned the radishes/turnips enough earlier this season, so a lot of them never matured but did produce the tasty green tops!) Anyone have a good recipe to use up a boatload of spicy greens??”

If you get a great one please send an email to [email protected] with ‘Great Garden Haul’ in the subject line along with a photo and description of your haul including what neighborhood you’re in. Try to get yours in by Labor Day. Thanks!


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