“as many as 60 rounds may have been fired” in Alley Off U Street Friday Night/Saturday Morning

by Prince Of Petworth July 10, 2017 at 9:30 am 0

Photos by Alexandra. Note blood drops in photo to the right.

From the Dupont Circle Listserv:

Gun battle – alley behind 1500 block of U Street and 1500 block of Caroline Street

When: Saturday July 8, 2017, just after 1:00 am.

According to different verbal reports from MPD, as many as 60 rounds may have been fired, with various calibers possibly suggesting three guns. Neighbors report bullets in at least two residences facing 16th Street NW. Multiple vehicles hit, with windows shot out; one vehicle had 6 to 8 bullet holes. Some blood reported in alley but apparently no victims and no suspects arrested. Police were on the scene for over 12 hours but so far no official comments from MPD: only an under investigation email reply.


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