Washington, DC

There’s a lot to unpack here. Thanks to Sarah for sending from Craigslist:

“$800 / 155ft2 – Looking 4 Single Male Roommate “Big Bro/Lil Bro” or “Dad/Son”

I need to save money and pay off some bills so I am looking for a single male roommate to share my Queen bed/bedroom in a 2 bedroom / 1 bath condo. This is obviously an up close and personal situation so for this to work I think it’s important that we work similar schedules, and get along well, and share some sort of attraction and enjoy each other.

The condo is currently shared by 2 white males. Our schedules are as such that we do not have any problems sharing the one bathroom. A 3rd male would require some preplanning of course so I think a very workable situation.

Searching for a financially responsible professional stable male between 25 and 35 would be a good fit. Cool with a college student if his parents are financially supporting him then they would cosign the agreement.

The condo is clothing optional and modest yet very comfortable and homey. Visitors are welcome but there’s not space for additional stay overs. They would need to get a hotel room.

There are no weird rules where you can’t have your friends over or anything but you would take fully responsibility for your friends and their actions. If there is a problem, then an adult conversation would be had to set expectations.

The condo is fully furnished and small kitchen is fully stocked with cookware and gadgets that you really would not need to buy anything but your own food and alcohol. We share social occasions once in a while but we mainly do our own thing.

I currently have Amazon Prime and considering subscribing to HBO and Showtime.

The building has 1st come 1st serve laundry facilities in the basement. I tend to do laundry once a week and it keeps everything under control. You would share in the chores and be expected to be clean and neat in the common areas and somewhat controlled in the shared bedroom. I tend to strip down when I come home from work and chill. We do tend to spend time in the common spaces but when things are quite we tend retreat to our rooms to hang out.

The $800 monthly room rents are required and are all inclusive plus regular internet. If you need high speed for games then this is not your place. There is not a TV out in the common areas but there is a large flat screen at the foot of the bed that we’d share. The TV is not connected to cable so I use it to watch Apple TV internet videos and YouTube. At times I plug my laptop into the TV to watch porn to JO and such so you’re there you could also join in if you choose. If you’re the slightest bit of a prude then this is not for you.

If interested take some time and tell me about yourself and please include some clear face and other photos. If you don’t work out and live a semi unhealthy life then it will not be a match. Seriously, obese men do not waste your time replying to this ad.

There is an 8yr old miniature schnauzer that is crated that does not make even a peep of noise. She is very submissive and affectionate. You could easily not pay her any mind and wouldn’t be any sort of a burden for you. She is well cared for and does not shed or anything. I’m allergic to most things but not to her.”


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