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Maybe it’s on your commute to or from work, or while waiting in line at the grocery store, you flip through your new matches on the app of your choice, hoping for something that stands out from the rest.

You browse the descriptions but unless the photos look good, no need to read further. Occasionally you come across something that makes your heart beat a little faster and you schedule a time to get better acquainted. Online dating? Or house hunting? Either way, here are a few words of wisdom.

It’s a numbers game

  • While some people get lucky and find “the one” on their first shot, in most cases, you’re going to need to explore a few options before you really know what you are looking for.
  • Embrace the exploration phase, there’s no rush to make a decision of this magnitude, you’ll learn so much about yourself as you define what matters most

First impressions are important but not the only thing that matters

  • Even the best exterior and curb appeal don’t make up for issues inside.
  • Aesthetics can be changed. Other things cannot be changed. It won’t be easy but you will benefit from looking beyond the superficial.

Asking for advice from others may not get you very far

  • You are a different person than your friends, than your mom, and than anyone else in this world. Don’t do something just because they think you should.
  • Everyone will have an opinion if you ask them. Refrain from asking unless you’re prepared for their response.

Photos do not always equal reality

  • If the photo looks too good to be real, it probably isn’t
  • On the other hand, every once in awhile you find a diamond in the rough, but don’t fool yourself into that this is frequently going to be the case
  • The only way to know for sure is to see it with your own eyes

Define dealbreakers early and stick to them

  • If you know that you absolutely can’t live with something, or without something, don’t consider an option that doesn’t have that.
  • Dealbreakers will limit your pool of options, but you’re never going to be truly happy if you don’t respect your decisions.

Rejection is real, and it hurts

  • Sometimes, unexplainably, you will find the one and you will want it more than anything else in life, and it still won’t become yours.
  • This may happen multiple times.
  • If you give up, you will definitely not find what you are looking for. I know that doesn’t make it any easier while the pain is real.

Positive thinking and an open mind are key to success

  • You may learn that what you thought you wanted, isn’t actually what you wanted at all. That’s ok.
  • Believe that the process will be worth it, through the ups and downs, highs and lows. Because it will.

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