“I saw white flames shooting out from underneath the stairs below Komi at Happy Cleaner”

by Prince Of Petworth July 24, 2017 at 8:09 am 0

1509 17th Street, NW

Ed. Note: In November 2014 the Komi building was damaged by fire.

Blair reports:

“About 11:50pm tonight (Sunday), during the craziest part of the rain storm I heard a really loud buzzing noise. I saw my lights flicker so looked out the window to see white flames shooting out (in time with the buzzing) from underneath the stairs below Komi at Happy Cleaner.

I immediately called 911 and the fire department arrived within 2 minutes. The fire never got out of the basement level.

It’s been over an hour and Pepco is now on the scene. After the first five minutes the vibe appears to be calm and under control. Happy to report the FD was super quick to respond.

You can see the electrical flame filling the basement area.”


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