• John

    I have zero idea what this is, but I am 100% positive that the individual who posted these believes that “the system” is rigged against him.

  • Tom

    I suspect it has to do with the changing face of the District in general, although I am unclear as to how/why. Can’t tell if they resent the changes their neighborhoods are undergoing, or if they resent those who aren’t actively embracing the changes being made.

  • wdc

    It’s “art,” by someone who thinks that “Have you considered moving to Virginia?” is a witty blog comment.

  • ANON

    Impromtu Caption Contest:

    DC’s version of the “Keep Austin Weird” campaign seems to have really missed the mark in its own DC kinda way”

  • Mark T

    Does it have something to do with crime stats?

  • Dan

    It’s being cute by conflating products liability with premise liability, but more or less accurately describes the “public duty” doctrine of tort claims against a municipal government.

    Sorry. Lawyers are just here to ruin everyone else’s fun.

    • Rick

      This made me both laugh and cringe.

  • Joshua

    Just someone trying too hard to be clever and subsequently failing at it.

  • OtisMyHome

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say these made me laugh. Please be kind, everyone.

    • mvs

      +1. I kinda like them.

    • maxwell smart

      +1 – if I saw this on the street I would be amused.

    • One can laugh, be “kind” and still think these are just not that clever. Seems to be mocking the warnings on drug labels – ok – got it.

  • Truxton Thomas

    I think it means I should be entitled to something I’m not.

  • stacksp

    Seemed to have an anti-gentrification sentiment. Too late at this point.

  • Nancy

    I’m guessing it’s an artist.

  • Bobert

    This is a low-key effort by Bowser/Newsham to absolve themselves of their responsibility to protect the public. Pretty sure that’s it.

  • WMM

    Might be the same person posting the ‘This is not New York” stickers up and down 14th St.

    • No apparently that d-bag (PoPville hater but obsessive reader, never really understand those masochists…) moved to New York. Seriously.

      • WMM

        HA! Oh the iroNY.

  • dangerous dave

    So… this person doesn’t like immigrants, or even visitors, which is ironic because I’m guessing this person agrees with other liberal philosophies.

  • L.

    I agree with an earlier commenter that it’s “art.” I believe it’s mocking the fact that many (especially privileged people like your average DC yuppie) subconsciously expect protections, recourse, guarantees of safety to insulate us from bad stuff. We expect a “system,” a protector like a partner or parent, or even a divine figure like God to protect us, but in reality when some $#*+ goes down we’re on our own and nothing can prevent it or make it better. The legalese is mocking that truth– “in case you over-educated dipsticks need it spelled out, bad things happen to good people for no reason all the time, and that’s life.” For example, with the current POTUS and Congress a lot of us have had that magical thinking, “he can’t really do that,” or “someone will stop him, he will never make it,” but none of those things happen and the world is on a highway to Hell. People are looking for recourse (impeachment, “resistance,” etc.) but none will be coming. We shoulda had a disclaimer like this one in the voting booth!


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