Washington, DC

9th and U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Sunday, my friends and I were floating around the U Street corridor area enjoying the sunshine and planning to meet friends at The Brixton Rooftop. Like so many other Pride weekends before, the weather was warm and well, my Gay guy friends love their tank tops and shorts :) One of my 4 gay male friends was stopped by the bouncer and harassed by the shirt he was wearing – mind you I was in short-ish shorts and a crop top, we were showing equally the same amount of skin. I attempted to reason with the bouncer on his behalf, reminding him that it was Pride Weekend and very warm out and that there were many other people already there in very similar outfits.

He was rude, to be honest, and told my friend to find a new shirt or not go in. It felt very targetted. Needless-to-say, my friends were having none of it – they called the bouncer trash and maybe they shouldn’t have, but his response was disgusting, “I hope HE saves you, I hope HE saves you all!”

I immediately asked the bartender to call down the manager to have a quick chat. It was almost like he already knew what the bouncer had done and almost seemed annoyed or suggested that this wasn’t the first time today. I explained to the manager with big old tears in my eyes, what had taken place and while he was apologetic there was really nothing at that point he could have done to make it better! I reminded the manager that they are in the heart of a progressive neighborhood, across the street from Nellie’s and next to Dirty Goose in one of the most LBGTIA friendly cities America and that discriminatory actions like that would not be tolerated, but this community!”


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