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“Then the bag started shivering.”

by Prince Of Petworth June 26, 2017 at 1:30 pm 0

A reader writes:

“Here is the story I wrote to my rescue group:

My CityDogs alum, Watson, paid his good luck forward today.

As Watson and I were coming home from a long, hot morning walk, Watson started barking out of nowhere. Watson is mostly silent, so it was weird. It was especially weird because it was a “hey there is a dog” bark, but we were walking past an abandoned building, nothing and nobody in sight.

Then I see a small gym looking bag. I had already seen it, but my neighborhood isn’t the cleanest and stuff like that is always getting left around. Then the bag started shivering.

Inside was a little doxie dog. Left on the side of the building like a piece of trash. Just with some shitty milk bones and no water, in direct sunlight. If it hadn’t been for Watson, I would have walked right past that black bag and who knows would have happened to the pup. I called 911 and animal control, who took the little pup in.

I did call to check up on the pup a few hours later and the police are investigating the abandonment. I was advised that no updates will be available on pup until after the investigation is over.

I am thankful that Watson knew the little guy was in distress. That is what I am hanging onto. Not the piece of shit person who just threw this life away with no care for its health and safety. My dog saved a life and that’s pretty cool.

Neighbors, please keep an eye out for dogs in distress. If you see one, call animal control at 202 724-3834.”


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