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Speaking of Needing a Drink – 9 Hour Happy Hour Every Friday at Crisp this Summer

by Prince Of Petworth June 8, 2017 at 11:00 am 11 Comments

1837 1st Street, NW

From an email:

“Just a heads up starting on 6/9 we will be open at 11am every Friday for the rest of the Summer serving not only our Full Menu (in-house or delivered via UberEats & GrubHub) but we will have a 9 HOUR HAPPY HOUR! Yup our $5 Everything Behind the Bar Happy Hour which is everyday from 5pm – 8pm will start at 11am! 9 Hours of CRISPiness!!!!”

  • houseintherear

    I want to like this place sooo badly, and if I did I would spend every Friday there when I’m off this summer! I live nearby and have been there many times. Unfortunately I have had a few terrible experiences with one server in particular who is beyond rude and bordering on nasty, and some of the food has been not great. The burger and banana pudding seem to be pretty good, but otherwise I’ve been super disappointed. : (

  • siz

    i’ve found the service to be generally pretty good, and the food varies from great to fine. what i really really wish is that they’d go back to serving a FIREY HOT fried chicken like they had when they first opened, real hot chicken that was difficult to even eat, brings tears to the eyes. when they started up, that’s what they advertised and served – now even when i ask them to bring the heat, it’s just regular (and often over-cooked) fried chicken. the last time i asked, they just served it with a little tin of cayenne on the side (????) it IS a great happy hour deal though.

    • Matty

      Yeah my friend once asked for extra hot back within the first few months of them opening, and I can honestly say it was the hottest thing Ive ever tasted. I couldn’t do more than one bite and he, as someone who loves hot stuff, could only finish half. They definitely backed it up.

      • Hot Chicken

        We happen to get our spices in every week and a year + in I don’t think many of us have taste buds left so PLEASE let us know anytime you want it HOTTER! We have 3 Levels of Heat and can 100% accommodate!

        • Bort

          Have been here twice recently (and more times previously) and can confirm the “chef’s hot” is as HOT AF as ever. Full-face-sweating, tears-streaming, euphoric-soon-after-eating-but-self-doubting-while-TCOB-the-following-morning hot. One time I ate a piece of raw naga jolokia so I think I am qualified to comment here. Service is usually pretty good. I was warned about chef’s hot. It is nice to have this place in the neighborhood, s/b even nicer with the extended happy hours.

  • Evan Tupac Grooter

    I went for brunch once. The food was fine. I ordered a bloody mary and they brought their default bloody mary, which was mixed with bourbon. That combination shouldn’t exist. In addition to being an insult to the bourbon, it tasted gross. Based on their decision to create that abomination and serve it to me when I ordered a bloody mary, I am not going to trust them with anything else. I’m not going back even though I live two blocks away.

  • KKS

    We’ve always had good service and the food is yums. Really like this place…

  • bdale homie

    While this is a very good happy if you are in the mood for a cocktail, I have been a few times recently and the bartenders have consistently looked less than pleased every single time they had to make one (and not well at that). I can understand their frustration, given that a happy hour beer is the same price as a happy hour cocktail (something to consider), but given that people will tend to order far more cocktails than usual they need to accept that. It was like they wanted me to feel guilty for making them work harder. Overall I think the food is good-very good, I like the atmosphere and I don’t mind waiting a while for the food. But when the bartenders are visibly upset while making your drink, it’s hard to enjoy your time.


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