Shots Fired Near Sherman Circle in Petworth Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2017 at 9:55 am 9 Comments

via google maps

Around 10:30pm Thursday night Michael tweeted us:

“Just heard a number of pops go off around Grant Circle. Maybe 5-6, very rapid. Anyone else hear this?”

From MPD:

“We responded to the sounds of gun shots in the 4700 block of 5th Street, NW. During the canvass, officers recovered several spent shell casings, thankfully no one was injured.”

  • anon7

    Right across the street from the elementary school. Scary.

    • jonah

      Sadly this is not the first one. There was a shooting, someone hit and taken to the hospital, in March at this location. The 300-400 block of Decatur/Delafield also has a rather concentrated area for gun/ammo arrests. There are seven in that two block area in the last 18 months.

  • PetworthMom

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it’s related to the problem house on the 400 block of Crittenden.

  • kitty

    I heard it all the way from Quincy Street. Unless that was something else, which I wouldn’t rule out given the stuff I’ve been reading on the list serve I’m on.

    • Ben

      There might have been fireworks last night around the same time. I think there is a house at Quincy and New Hamp that likes to let em fly….

      • kitty

        Ah. I was wondering if it was fireworks. I remember there was something on this site a few weeks ago about the NH Ave house that was setting those off. You’d think that living in DC for 17 years would have trained my ear to know the difference.

        • Ben

          I saw them for sure when Pop posted that last week and a few days ago. Last night just heard one so wasn’t 100% but I’m still convinced it was a fireworks vs this shooting given the history of me seeing fireworks in that direction….

      • textdoc

        I heard what sounded like a single pop coming from that direction around that time (I think) last night.
        I probably should have called in to report it — I usually do — but the last couple of times I’ve called 911 to report sounds of possible gunshots, they’ve taken me through a super-long list of questions that aren’t really applicable when all I can tell them is “I heard what sounded like a gunshot coming from the general direction of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station.” (“Did you see the shooter? Did you see the weapon? Is anyone injured? Are you in a safe place?” And so on.)
        Maybe next time I should just call them and say before hanging up, “I know you have a whole list of questions you usually go through, but all I can tell you is that I heard what sounded like a gunshot coming from the general direction of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station.”

  • neighbor

    Perhaps related to this one on Tuesday night a few blocks away? From MPD-4D:
    We responded to the report of gunshots in the vicinity of 5th & Jefferson Streets, NW, just before 10 PM last night [Tuesday]. A witness reported hearing gunshots and then seeing a vehicle flee from the 5300 block of 5th Street, NW, immediately afterward. We canvassed the area and recovered a few cartridge casings from the street but no victim nor any property damage was located. The vehicle seen fleeing the area was not located either. Anyone with information regarding these gunshot is urged to call 202-727-9099 or send a text to 50411.


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