Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been researching this topic for months with little success, so now I’m hoping that the local citizens of PoPville might know of a good solution.

We recently moved into a new place in Edgewood with a small-ish backyard and no storage for lawn care tools. Six months in, and the grass is mostly dead due to multiple factors, but for the most part, it’s because of our dog. We’re planning to redo the entire yard, and I’d like to give our little guy a place to go that won’t turn into a mud pit/dust bowl shortly after installation. I’ve considered mulch and pea gravel, but he likes eating both (weirdo).

This pretty much leaves me looking at synthetic grass solutions.

I’ve been impressed with some of the applications I’ve seen online, but that seems to be where my research ends. I’ve placed calls and sent emails to SYNLawn for weeks, and I still haven’t gotten anywhere. So now I’m trying to look at other products, but it’s very hard to find one that is available in our area, looks relatively real, and is designed to work for pets. I know I’ve seen posts here in the past that were critical of homes using astro turf, but hopefully someone has a good solution and can share some details about who installed it, or how they did it.

And since your new setup allows photos in the comments, I’d love it if those with working solutions could post a picture.”


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