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New Cuban Restaurant coming to 14th and Quincy near Red Derby et al

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2017 at 10:22 pm 40 Comments

3702 14th Street, NW

Ed. Note: This strip of 14th is also home to Red Derby, Lyman’s, Mezcalero, Taqueria Habanero as well as Quincy Liquor hoping to add a coffee option, not to mention French’s Cleaners and the bodega.

A reader reports:

“Delicia’s Market on 14th Street recently gutted half of the grocery store. I asked the cashier if they sold the space and what might be going in. She told me the rent was too high and that she needed to downsize. She also mentioned a Cuban restaurant was going in the empty space.


I spoke to the owner of the new Cuban restaurant coming in next to Delicia’s market. They’re aiming for a September 2017 opening! They are currently building out the roofdeck too!”


  • amber

    Ropa vieja, por favor!

  • Anonymous

    The owner is really engaged and is planning a legit renovation. Cuban cuisine will also be a nice complimentary addition to 14th St. He also seems to want to help organize and work with other business owners to combat crime, clean up trash and generally improve the area for everyone. Its worth noting, Brandon Todd and Mayor Bowser were able to secure funding for a Clean Team for this strip. That’ll be a huge help!
    Ive also heard Carolina’s at Spring Rd and 14th is about six months away from beginning construction. They’re currently waiting on permits. Lets hope that is accurate.

    • divebar311

      Is Carolina’s still going to be Carolina’s or a different establishment? Used to dance bachata con mis amigas Dominicanas there back in the day (circa 2005)!

      More info please!

      • Anonymous

        Last I heard, Carolina’s would be a multi-level mixed use development. Retail bottom floor. Good news!

  • Guillermo Brown

    Dear owner: please put in a proper kitchen ventilation system. These stores along 14th are so small that without one, it’s unpleasant to be in the restaurant without one.

  • Julio

    Upper fourteenth is on fire!!!

    • Check the past

      Is that a Stokely Carmichael quote? Seriously, the history of 14th is wild, I don’t even know the half of it. I don’t think I have the skills or time to step up and document the good, bad, ugly changes over the decades, but I’d love to see it.

      • Petworth Diva

        So true about 14th Street going through so many changes. I can’t mention to a certain friend that I’m going to have tacos on the street without him telling me of all the prostitution that used to be there way back in the day.

  • Joshua

    I love what’s happening to this strip, with the variety of small businesses that mostly seem to be thriving and serving a very diverse clientele. I wonder, how long will it persist.

    • MtP

      Agree, this strip of 14th is so great. Slowly revitalizing with small business owners and keeping its diversity. I really would love to see this emulated in other strips around the city.

    • pstreet202

      It might last a few more years. Any commercial areas in rapidly changing neighborhoods only maintain that diversity for some time until it gets too expensive. And the area will become more homogenous and high end. This has happened pretty much everywhere else and upper 14th will see the same transformation.

      • ANON

        What about Mt. Pleasant? The commercial corridor has maintain a fairly diverse array of business even after more young families moved in.

  • Washington Pizza (14th and Randolph) has a raze permit plastered in its front window. Don’t know what that’s all about, but I’m crossing my fingers something decent (not a 7/11) will someday occupy that lot and the adjacent fenced-off lot, which only seems to attract weeds, public urination, and vice.

    • Joshua

      Probably a good chance it’s gonna be a Wawa.

      • Anonymous

        Washington Pizza is going to be a multi-story residential development with retail on the bottom. The vacant lot next to Golden Paradise will also be part of the development (thank goodness!).

        • I guess I’ll soon be saying a teary goodbye to the bizarro Marion Barry mural.

  • mtp

    Curious what this looks like with Mi Cuba – my favorite restaurant in the city – a few blocks to the south.

    • Anon

      I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure there will be enough business for both. I’d love to go Mi Cuba but it’s incredibly small and rarely there’s an open table. There hasn’t been an over saturation of Cuban in this city… yet.

      • Colin

        FWIW I went to Mi Cuba last Friday around 6:45 and only 4 tables were occupied. During the winter, however, it seemed to be jam packed whenever I went by.

        • Ian

          Mi Cuba is expanding to a second floor.

  • above7-11

    This strip is the Bizarro Columbia heights, where only chain restaurants move in. Lets hope it stays this way!

    • Anonymous

      Several neighbors have been leading an effort to recruit a coffee shop, deli, bakery or ice cream shop. I think there us still value here for a business looking to expand, but it’s quickly filling up and rent prices are catching up. Still plenty of space near Little Coco’s on block north. People are begging for Colony Club!

      • ms frizzle

        Dying for an ice cream shop, and for something to replace the chinese spot that closed down next to 14th St Mini Mart

      • C

        People are also hoping Colony Club stays far away.

    • iwdc

      Except (in no particular order) The Heights, Sticky Fingers, Los Hermanos, Pho 14, La Tena, Tynan, Pete’s, Thip Khao, El Rinconcito (when it reopens) and everything on 11th Street. Not saying there aren’t a lot of chains, but there are a lot of small business to support all over the neighborhood!

      • divebar311

        Please let’s not forget Le Caprice, my FAVE places for croissants and a little slice of heaven. The coffee there is scalding HOT and strong :)

        A coffee shop opened at 14th and Otis not too long ago, wonder how that’s doing?

        I hate it when people always say Col Heights has all chains…what they are really talking about is 14th St between Columbia and Park Road which is NOT the entire neighborhood. Thank you.

        • anon

          but their coffee just isn’t great, their lattes and more specialty drink are made basically on a keurig :/

  • PetworthGuy

    Loving this little strip more and more each day!

  • anon

    As someone who literally lives across the street this makes me SO happy! All of the business along this strip are fantastic and working towards bettering their business and the community. and you guys aren’t wrong, neighbors in this area are dying for a great sitdown coffee shop, a good sandwich/salad place. while i LOVE all the restaurants along this corridor i would love a little diversity in food, see how great little cocos is doing just because its different.

    regardless this little area of petworth/columbia heights is a jem and getting better every day. does anyone have anymore info on whats going into the carolinas space or the space across the street at 14th and spring?

  • Corbin

    This begs the question of when this area will warrant a name of its own. It isnt really Columbia Heights (too far north) and isnt really Petworth (too far west). I have been pushing to call it Upper 14th. I think developments like this one paired with all the open retail space one block north between Randolph and Shepherd St. could create the critical mass necessary for its own identity (maybe even its own tag on Popville!).

  • Annon MPD (2)

    Does anyone know what they’re building in Rock Creek park west of the 3900 block of 14th st NW? I know they’re doing construction on beach dr but I saw them leveling part of the hill on piney branch park way so I was curious if anyone knows?

    • anon

      i think you’re talking about the construction zone that’s in the park (there are two alongside piney branch road). it’s just a staging area for the road construction going on in the park. i believe they brought all that dirt in, and are storing it there, so they’re not leveling the hill. as an aside, supposedly they should be building a better running biking path along piney branch, so all the park users won’t have to run a foot or two away from idiot drivers checking their phones while bombing around blind turns (i really dislike that the park functions as a freeway, in case it’s not obvious).

      • 14th st Dweller

        Ah, that makes sense. Yes, they def need to make the paths system over there more runner friendly. I keep telling myself if they fix that area I’ll actually go running. But back to the orginal post I am really excited about what they do with Carolina’s. Prime area for a developer to make some money on condos and help the neighborhood out with some more restaurants and bars. I wouldn’t hate a nice whiskey bar there.

  • bob

    this strip does NOT need another roof deck. esp if you’re a neighbor… the derby roof deck is horrifically loud–you can hear them late at night on Parkwood!

    • anon

      red derby is a rowdy bar; i think a normal restaurant roof deck would be fine. (i’m a neighbor.)

  • Tracy Leigh

    Sadly there are a couple of differences between lower 14th St and Petworth. There are parking lots in the lower parts. And there are less rooftops there. Because the neighborhood developed along with the restaurants many, if not all, of the buildings are high rises. This neighborhood is getting harder to park in and the noise from the roof decks continues to get louder. I happy to see more restaurants but I am disappointed that there isn’t a master plan that considers all the stakeholders.


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