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  • U neighbor

    “Ramen is all the craze”

    Sounds like an earnest attempt for a pioneering chef to share his/her heritage and talents with the community…
    That said, most other locations of this chain seem to get 4.0+ ratings on google

  • jaybird

    Better than a Wawa.

  • _____Woods

    Ramen bubble? Seems very late to the game here in DC….on a side note i havent had a ‘great’ ramen experience in a while. Best recently was BKK Shop but i dont think that was technically ramen

    • Rich

      It’s more that DC was late to the Ramen craze. Better than an empty store front and probably better than the salty food at the Pig. Only took 2 posts to get a Wawa comment–clearly they’ve touched a nerve, even if its in jest.

  • StraightOuttaShaw

    I’ve never seen someone smile so hard eating ramen

  • Joshua

    I hope it’s good. Has anyone tried the location that’s out in Vir-Jinya?

    • msus

      No, but I tried them last year when in San Diego. Pretty good, and seemed better value than Daikaya.

  • TriniSoFlo

    Not now, Jin-Yang!!!


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