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Thursday Fundraiser at Madam’s Organ, Bossa, and Songbyrd for Officers Injured in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm 11 Comments

Update: More bars now participating:


Madam’s Organ



Town Tavern

Grand Central


Roofers Union

Johnny Pistolas


Columbia Station

Black Squirrel

Ventnor Sports Cafe

& More…”

  • WHY??? I want to pay taxes that will insure all our first-responders and their families will be taken care of in cases like this. There should never, in any civilized world, be a need for a fund-raiser!

    • Pleasanter

      I’m with you, however, that’s not the reality of this particular situation I’m guessing. The flyer also lists that one of the goals is to raise awareness.

      • Awareness of what? That we don’t value police/firefighters?

    • stacksp

      In some cases, not saying in this particular case, but the gofundme campaigns and the fundraising are

      • stacksp

        used for gifting purposes. We saw that in the Zimmerman case where he basically became a millionaire from gifting campaigns.

    • Accountering

      I agree 100%. There should be no need for this in a city like DC. These officers and their families should be taken care of by the city – in full, with whatever they need to recover.

  • Half my family is in firefighting/paramedic business. They have, as they should, benefits. If you are considering contributing to a “go fund me” campaign you instead actually need to be contacting your reps to be sure they are passing legislation to be sure that first responders are taken care of. Begging on any platform for this is just obscene.

  • Some mpd guy

    I believe that the officers involved are both relatively new to the department, The entry level pay for an officer in the district is just over $50k per year, while you can get by on that it isn’t the easiest thing to do, this is why most officers count on overtime and part time to supplement their income. When you get hurt on duty you do continue to get paid, but you get your regular pay, no overtime, no holiday pay, no shift differential. Depending on how much you relied on that extra income that can be a dramatic hit. Additionally, if any of the officers involved end up getting medically retired it will be at a much lower percentage of what they were making.

    Just my two cents

  • MPD (2)

    Okay, so the reason this is happening is strictly because law enforcement, fire fighters, and RN’s (ER) don’t make much money per hour and the only way those three professions make any money (espically in this area) is by working overtime or outside employment. (Like the cops you see at target. They are working an extra job) So whenever you get sick or injured you still get your small pay check from the city but you are missing out on all that extra money. Oh and on top of that the officers that were hurt work a midnight shift so they make an extra 4% and hour because of time differancal.. well since they’re hurt and not working they aren’t paid that money either.

  • Annon MPD (2)

    Not sure where my orginal post went. But this is a common amongst first responders. Police, fire and RN’s don’t make much money per hour so they pick up overtime or extra jobs (like the uniformed officer at target) to make extra money. But once you get hurt or sick you can’t work those extra gigs or hours so your paycheck is your base pay… which for this area is a joke. So that’s why we try to help each other out in critical injuries occur.

    • d

      Makes sense. Thanks for what you do. I’ll try to stop by the fundraiser and will just donate if I can’t.


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