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Franklin Hall Opens at 14th and Florida Friday!! Peek inside and check out the menus

by Prince Of Petworth June 8, 2017 at 1:30 pm 25 Comments

courtesy Franklin Hall

From a press release:

Franklin Hall, an American beer hall located at 1348 Florida Ave NW in the Manhattan Laundry building, is opening Friday, June 9, at 4pm.

Franklin Hall is an ode to Benjamin Franklin, America’s foremost investor and lover of beer, wine, and cider, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the man who brought the cocktail back. The Manhattan Laundry building was built in 1877 and was originally used as a car barn for the Washington & Georgetown Railroad Company, before converting to a laundry in 1905. We are joining neighbors La Colombe, WeWork, Mothership Strategies, and the forthcoming Maydan.

The space is large, covering over 5,500 square feet, with long beer hall tables that fit 12-16 people and leather chesterfield couches throughout. We have a selection of table games available such as Jenga, Connect 4, card games, and more. Within Franklin Hall there are three areas purposefully designed for gatherings, which will accommodate groups of up to 30 people each. 24 taps are mirrored three times behind the 60-foot bar, with a walk-up kitchen located on the opposite side of the room. 20 taps are designated for beer, one for a draft cocktail, and three for draft wine. The food menu was designed by consulting Chef Matt Baker of Gravitas in Ivy City. Within the next month Franklin Hall will roll out a weekend brunch menu featuring all day breakfast tacos.

Happy hour will be Monday through Friday from 4-7pm with $2 off all drafts and $2 off rail cocktails. Short pours, pints, and liter mugs are all part of the happy hour special. Franklin Hall is a full service bar, so customers can count on everything from rail to top shelf spirits.

Future plans include Monday night trivia (beginning late June), a 24 seat patio, and two fireplaces for the colder months.

Hours are Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 1am, Friday from 4pm to 2am, Saturday from noon to 2am, and Sunday from noon to 1am. We will open early (10am) for noteworthy sporting events, including Premier League matches.”

Have a look at the menus:

Drink Menu (PDF)

Food Menu (PDF)

1348 Florida Ave NW looking west towards 14th Street.

  • Evan Tupac Grooter

    Benjamin Franklin is America’s foremost inventor? Thomas Edison or gtfo

    • Dude, who needs a light bulb when you have a pair of sweet bifocals?

  • anon29

    Place looks pretty dope.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Love the bar menu! Let’s have a happy hour here – its less than a block from me.

  • Joshua

    It’s also an ode to Franklin, the Peanuts character, as well as the counties named Franklin in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

    • MadMax

      And my grandfather, whose middle name was Franklin.

      • dcd

        I grew up in Franklin Township, NJ. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason this place exists.

  • Condoer

    Looks great (though perhaps very loud?). Excited to check it out!

    • StraightOuttaShaw

      Beer halls aren’t typically a quiet drinking destination

      • Thoughts

        Yeah, but I’m guessing Condoer is thinking the polished concrete floor will make this place an echo chamber. I love the aesthetic for this type of bar, over wood, but I’m sure it’ll be loud.

        • AMDCer

          Yeah, loud is one thing, deafening is another…

          • StraightOuttaShaw

            It will be very loud unless they installed sound deadening material in the ceilings (which I doubt they did). Houston Hall in NYC is a perfect example. Beer hall + concrete floors = very loud

          • Anon

            I hope they are conscious of this as they get going and keep it in hand. It will be a bummer if this is so deafening as to be a no-go.

  • Anonymous

    This looks cool, but if they had combined food vendors like at Eastern Market/Union Market with a beer hall this place could have been incredible.

  • maxwell smart

    I see they hit all of the Brooklyn design elements.

    • You (and I) would kill for this in Cleveland Park.

    • MadMax

      Off slightly by a borough.

  • MadMax

    This looks / sounds better than most of the openings recently, although I’m still skeptical about the payment system.

  • wondering

    is this related to the similarly named and similar looking place in Philly?

  • crayons

    This looks really great. I expect it to be way overcrowded though.

    • Camel

      That picture makes me cringe just thinking about being shoved in there with a ton of people. It will definitely be too loud and too crowded for my tastes.

  • C

    The most interesting beer on the menu, Charm City’s Mango Comapeno, is available on the better side of a short pour for nearly half price up 14th Street at The Airedale. As an added bonus you won’t be sat on top of numerous other patrons.

    • Kevin

      “As an added bonus you won’t be sat on top of numerous other patrons.”

      It’s amazing how you know this and they haven’t even opened their doors yet. You and “crayons” must be related to Eeyore.

  • Sam

    Franklin Park in Brooklyn on Franklin Ave.

  • anon

    Yeesh, bunch of debbie downers. I’m sure it will be plenty busy but will have occupancy limits and I highly doubt that people will be shoved in there like sardines. Wait for it to open before being mad about something. LOoks like an awesome place.


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