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Everyone’s Checking Out the New Ben’s Mural in Progress – Even Dave Chappelle!!

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2017 at 10:15 am 6 Comments

Thanks to Alexandra for sending an update on the new Ben’s Chili Bowl mural going up on U Street.

Also awesome:

Photo by Carla Sims

So freaking awesome:

  • Ben

    Awesome mural and awesome “Do not enter sign”

  • H_E_Pennypacker

    Agree! What a great new mural.

  • MadMax

    I can’t tell wtf is happening in this photo. Is that someone face timing with Dave, or is he there taking a selfie or something?

    • Bobert

      The former.

    • H_E_Pennypacker

      i think its a picture of a facetime of Dave looking at a mural of himself. Commence mind melt.

      • OP Anon

        Haha that’s incredible!!!


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