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  • StraightOuttaShaw

    If only I bought that red/white stripe, beetlejuice inspired suit…

    • jaybird

      You can always head over to Georgetown. There is still lots of crazy over there.

      • FoggyBottom

        Never understood how those Georgetown stores stayed in business. Every other week another one has a “going out of business” sale

        • StraightOuttaShaw

          Maybe the sign actually reads “going out [for] business”

  • trebek26

    No!!! (say I – the guy who always walked by but never went in)…I do admit though – if I ever had a themed somewhat formal event, their display suits would surely come in handy. I did always wonder what those suits cost.

  • kitty

    Sad! I’ve walked by that place a million times and always wonder who shops there. The crazy suits in the window always made me smile.

  • idontgetit

    Yet the fragrance shop remains…

    • Margrave of Mt. Vernon

      Something smells fishy

  • Mickey J

    They’ve moved to Greenbelt Plaza Mall

  • Anon



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