“Dot’s Spot A southern, breakfast pop-up restaurant & juice garden” coming to Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2017 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

1700 New Jersey Avenue, NW at R Street

This sounds promising! From Instagram:

“Dot’s Spot A southern, breakfast pop-up restaurant & juice garden coming June 3 to @bkkcookshop’s patio in Shaw. Good, honest, clean living.”

Full press release after the jump.

“Dot’s Spot, an exciting new weekend breakfast destination, will pop-up at BKK Cookshop in Shaw on Saturdays and Sundays, starting on June 3, 2017. A passion project for co-owners JP Sabatier, Drew Porterfield, Ralph Brabham and Greg Kakaletris, Dot’s Spot will serve a menu of Southern American breakfast favorites and squeezed-to-order drinks.

Named after Porterfield’s family vacation house on the North Carolina coast, Dot’s Spot will echo the easy, indulgent atmosphere of long weekends at the beach. “Our menu is inspired by breakfasts my family and friends have enjoyed together at the beach for decades”, says Porterfield. “The idea is to bring a little bit of Atlantic Beach nostalgia to Washington.”

The menu will change weekly, but Southern classics like sausage balls, monkey bread, grits, and quiche will always be on the menu. Says Kakaletris, “We have taken Southern staples and evolved them to be the best iterations of themselves. For instance, for our Sausage Balls, we’re bringing in Neese’s sausage (made in Ralph’s hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina), making our own pancake mix and adding fresh green onions. The original version can be a little dense – ours are flavorful and lighter.”

A centerpiece of Dot’s Spot will be a citrus bar set in BKK’s beautiful summer garden. The bar will feature a variety of fresh fruit juices, which can be enjoyed on their own or in juiced-to-order mimosas and cocktails. Sabatier remarks, “We’re hoping our citrus bar becomes an attraction on its own.”

The principals behind Dot’s Spot are friends Jean Paul “JP” Sabatier, Greg Kakaletris, Drew Porterfield and Ralph Brabham. Sabatier is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, General Manager of Rappahannock Oyster Bar, and was named a 30 under 30 and a Superhero of the Dining Scene by Zagat. Kakaletris is an industry veteran who has worked at 2 Birds 1 Stone, Estadio and the W Hotel Washington. Husbands Porterfield and Brabham are partners in Beau Thai (with locations in Shaw and Mount Pleasant) and BKK Cookshop.

Dot’s Spot will open Saturdays and Sundays at 8 a.m., starting on Saturday, June 3. BKK Cookshop will operate during it’s normal hours.”

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  • Joshua

    What in the world do they mean by “Good, honest, clean living”?

    • Blithe

      Maybe the “juice garden”?

    • northeazy

      I mean–what do you think that means? Since they serve food and juice, I take that to mean the image they are putting forward about their food is that it is good (like, it tastes good), honest (meaning they are not lying about the food–if they say farm to table, they mean it) and clean–meaning organic or at least non-GMO. Now, maybe they plan on selling shitty, fake, dirty food. I don’t know. But that is the impression I get from good, honest, and clean living.

      • Joshua

        I sure as shit don’t equate Southern breakfast favorites with any of those things, except maybe “honest.”

        • Truxton Thomas

          The Instragram feed shows quiche and salad, for what it’s worth.

        • Duponter

          Good and good for you are not necessarily the same thing. And maybe the slogan has some personal meaning to the owner. Who cares?

    • Margrave of Mt. Vernon

      The opposite of Evil, duplicitous, filthy dying.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Well they’re not going to attract many hungry nihilists that way.

        • jim_ed

          In their defense, Arby’s basically has that market cornered.

        • textdoc

          LOL on “hungry nihilists.”

    • Ben

      lol! Reminds me of the George Carlin skit about food advertising. “Fresh, natural hearty, old fashioned… in a can”

    • textdoc

      Good question. I think it’s basically meaningless.
      I am especially puzzled by the “clean living” because traditionally, Southern food is more like heart-attack food, tasty though it may be.
      Unlike Northeazy, I would not expect “clean” to mean “organic” or “non-GMO.” It’s almost as bad as “natural” — one of those words that, since it’s not regulated, can be thrown around to mean just about anything.

      • northeazy

        Well I was thinking the word “clean” applied to their juice. Isn’t clean like a term of art in the juice industry? FWIW, there is a juice bar in NC called Clean Juice and all their products are organic.

      • Bort

        Isn’t “eating clean” some new fad diet for bozos?

  • Hi Folks!
    Thanks so much for the interest in our pop-up! We’re excited to start serving our Southern breakfast favorites and our fresh citrus drinks this weekend!
    Our tag line is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. It’s a quote directly from our namesake Dot (Drew’s great Aunt), who, when asked what the secret to her long life, always responds “Good, honest, clean living.” Dot’s an amazing woman (still alive in her 90’s) who was known as the life of the party in her earlier years. Back in the day, she loved a stiff drink and a good cigarette (Virginia Slims). So this tag line is a little homage to her.
    We sometimes characterize our menu as “homemade southern breakfast.” It’ll change daily and will feature a lot of southern favorites. Low calorie and organic it is not; tasty, boozy and fun it is. It’s been a labor of love to create, and we hope y’all will enjoy.
    Hope to see you soon!
    -The Dot’s Spot Team

    • Joshua

      Ha! Great story. Thanks for the clarification and best of luck!

      • textdoc

        +1 on all counts!
        I see Great-Aunt Dot had a rather flexible idea as to what constituted “Good, honest, clean living.” :)

    • MadMax

      Thanks, sounds a lot like phrases I heard frequently when growing up.

  • c

    I would like to point out that Dot’s Spot is the name of the restaurant in Friends near where they live; Monica goes on a date with the guy she had a crush on in high school there. So there’s that


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