• Bob

    Reno Rd./34th Street is a nightmare. I am surprised that someone hasn’t been killed yet. It’s a residential street that, in the 1970s, was turned into a commuter route. It even had reversible lanes like Conn. Ave. until sometime in 1980s. Unfortunately, tons of commuters still treat it essentially like a highway, and refuse to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks, block the box, speed excessively, etc.

    It’s really time to reconsider the traffic policies of Reno Rd./34th Street. It’s houses and elementary schools. Come on! If “vision zero” doesn’t help it, vision zero is complete joke.

    • PetworthGuy

      Agreed. I could see how this happening at Porter too – someone was probably speeding down that hill too fast on 34th and blew through the intersection.

      • fhyrew

        The hilliness doesn’t help either. There are a few crosswalks with no lights (I think just before before Porter if you’re heading north) that you can barely see as a driver until you’re right on top of them. I always slow down and scan them when I’m driving, but I’d be scared to cross them as a pedestrian knowing how blind they are as a driver.

  • Best wishes for the victim. Given the traffic on that road – and at that intersection, someone must have seen something. And I’m in 100% agreement with Bob. Reno/34th is a nightmare. I cross it regularly and while I am literally standing in the street, in the crosswalk, cars will swerve around me rather than stop. It is need of serious change.

  • Fingers25

    The situation on Reno has been made much, much worse with the closing of Rock Creek Drive for construction as commuters look for alternatives.

    • anon

      There are things the city could do to address that – I’ve seen it done successfully in neighborhoods in other cities. One street I am thinking of that had a similar traffic problem was the subject of “traffic calming” measures – a concrete stepped-up median in the middle of the street, traffic reduced to one lane except at corners with left turn lanes (I realize Reno has this already), wider concrete jut-outs at corners where crosswalks were (the street was wider than Reno is) – but I was amazed at how the changes slowed traffic down (of necessity, I found when driving on it) and made the street safer for the many pedestrians (it was a neighborhood’s commercial strip) and also made the street much more of a pleasure to drive on without the crazy drivers. Something like this was done on 18th St. in Adams Morgan a few years back, with some success.
      Though it is more difficult to do this in DC, with its penchant for crosswalks without streetlights where pedestrians have to play chicken with drivers to get them to stop – I think a lot of streetlights, well-timed so cars go a good ways before having to stop, makes for a safer pedestrian experience, but then DC is not as pedestrian-friendly as NYC is. There aren’t as many pedestrians in many locations, such as Reno Rd. here, as in NYC, but sometimes I wonder if that isn’t because walking around in many part of DC means taking so many risks – maybe the streets would have more pedestrians (and less cars) if things were made safer for pedestrians to cross streets (much as bike lanes are trying to improve bike ridership and bike safety, though with limited success on the safety part for bikers so far.)


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