Armed Robbery at Looking Glass Lounge 4:40pm Yesterday

by Prince Of Petworth June 6, 2017 at 9:30 am 13 Comments

From MPD last night:

“Today around 4:40PM two suspects entered the Looking Glass Lounge at 3634 Georgia Avenue, NW. One suspect brandished a handgun and demanded money. There were no injuries reported.

The first suspect was described as a black male, 5’7″, 160 lbs, brown eyes. black hair, medium build, medium skin tone, wearing, black sweatpants, white shoes with purple and black accents, lime green hoodie with pink Nike swoosh.

The second suspect was describes as a black male, 5’7”, early 20’s, black hoodie, blue jeans, black baseball hat, and a black mask.

Anyone with information relating to this incident is asked to call 202 727-9099.”

Update: Looking Glass Lounge will be open as normal tonight with trivia starting at 8 – show ’em some love!!

Security camera footage from Looking Glass:

  • Joshua

    Looks like he got away with most of the Natty Boh guy’s one sad eye.

  • General Grant Circle

    Absolutely terrible. At least it happened before the place opened but still having a gun brandished in your face is a terrible experience

    • Bobert

      These guys are supreme doofuses – had they waiting until closing, they could’ve made out with far more cash.

      • JS

        Exactly. You rob the cash-heavy business at the end of the night, not right after it opens!

        • Jeremy

          This is not a cash heavy business anymore.

  • CHGal

    They had a break in last year as well as a fire. A bad string of luck for some really nice people. Looks like I’ll be having wings and a combo for dinner!

  • Hill Denizen

    How horrible! Good job on remembering the shoes. Hope they catch these a-holes.

  • asdf

    The lookout description says black males… Is it just me or do those photos look like a couple of very fair skinned guys?

    • General Grant Circle

      The descriptions are coming from the staff that was there. And I trust the Looking Glass staff – they arent racists if that is what you are implying

      • asdf

        Definitely did not mean to imply that the staff (or any other specific person/group) are racist. Just suggesting that somewhere along the line a mistake could have been made.

    • Anonymous

      The 2nd one definitely does not look fair-skinned to me in the photo. The first one is a little more inconclusive. But then again, the first guy’s pants don’t look very blue in the photo, and the 2nd guy’s pants do not at all look black. So either the photos are not very faithful in terms of color or the LG staff REALLY got the descriptions wrong. My guess is that the photos aren’t very good.

      • HaileUnlikely

        They are washed out by the sunlight entering the door – it distorts all of the colors (unless the floor is a different color behind the suspects too)

    • Brett M.

      I definitely can’t determine the race of the perpetrators as they’re wearing masks, and “black” people aren’t the only ones with brown skin. But in a place like DC where most people who are arrested are “black”, I’m not surprised people would assume the masked perpetrators were black even if they weren’t.


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