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What the Helen of Troy is This?

by Prince Of Petworth May 30, 2017 at 1:15 pm 16 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

A friend found this in an antiques mall and gave it to me because it looks like a kettlebell (I’m a trainer). I’m so curious about what it actually is, and thought the wise PoPulace might know.

It’s metal, but pretty lightweight, and has a hinge and a lock (key is missing). It opens to reveal a plate with a center hole, surrounded by six smaller holes. It has “100lb.Strong” etched on the side in a nice ’70s font, and “Germany” is stamped on the bottom.

My first thought was some kind of bar accessory, but an initial googling has turned up nothing. Any readers have any clues?”

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  • samanda_bynes

    some sort of adjustable kettle bell? old old school weight training stuff?

  • AnonV2

    Yes, it looks like a case for schnapps or some other liqueur and small serving glasses that can be brought out as a set. I’ve seen lots of portable stands in that exact configuration, just not enclosed. And as anybody who’s spent a night being handed shots of real schnapps in Germany/Austria/Alsace, “100Lb. Strong” is just about right. I love it!

  • MadMax

    Looks like this type of pot you use to bake a specific kind of German / Austrian pastry, although the name escapes me. Might want to ask on the Gardenweb forums as well.

    • MadMax


      • dlabog

        Aebelskiver are Danish, I don’t think the Germans make donuts in that shape but i’m sure some small village up in schleswig-holstein probably does.

        • MadMax

          Yeah all the same to me lol, but I get your point.

      • dlabog

        I can see what you mean though! the pans to make aebelskiver do look similar.

    • welshie

      it’s not

  • U st.

    See one for sale here (not in English): http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kugelbar-Barkugel-Art-Deco-Ruppel-100-lb-strong-/311879249915

    Looks like the intended use?

  • SouthWoo10
  • Mojotron

    My guess is “hidden bar” designed to look like a kettle bell. Kind of like those old timey globes that open.

  • Ana
  • Moe

    Bauhaus Rupplewerke

  • jenster8dc

    OP here — you people are so awesome. I knew someone would have the answer!

  • John

    It looks like it would be made for vodka and caviar service. Fill the base of the ball with ice, position 6 shot glasses in the outer circles and a tin of caviar in the middle.

    • jenster8dc

      I thought about that, too, especially given the kettlebell resemblance. I prefer booze to caviar, though, so I’m going with that!


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