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  • anon

    Leave it to hipsters to turn water into craft beer.

  • B’Dale Res

    Is that a new DC Brau collaboration with DC Water?!?!?

    • textdoc


    • MadMax

      It’s probably an improvement over the rest of their lineup.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    I think we have a new Unofficial Caption Contest going here…..

  • Billy

    Think you got the ratio of cold brew to water wrong there.

  • Wednesday Addams-Morgan

    This is probably fine. Used to happen when I was a kid (just outside DC) when water went out and came back on, usually during a hurricane. Just run it until it’s clear, but call DC Water if it doesn’t start to run clear.

    Here’s an explanation: “Dirt and other naturally occurring sediments settle at the bottom of water supply lines. If something causes the water passing through the pipes to speed up – such as a water main break, high service demand or even firefighting – the faster flow can stir up the sediment and cause your water to appear yellow or brown.” -http://www.ewg.org/enviroblog/2016/03/five-reasons-your-tap-water-changed-color

    (So in this case, you lost water pressure and then the sudden increase of pressure dislodged sediment. My recollection is it runs a little reddish because of the clay sediment in this area.)

  • Marty

    did they just change your meter? many of them around the area are being swapped out for new ones, and there is a resulting (brief) discoloring that occurs.

  • Sean

    We had about 5 minutes of opaque black water this morning in Mount Pleasant.

    I’d guess DC Water did some work nearby overnight and that disrupted a lot of sediment.

  • kamkelly

    I also live in Petworth (Emerson St) and this happened to me on Monday! Came out brown and sputtering for a few minutes and then went back to normal. It’s a mystery. A gross, murky mystery.

    • anono

      Yay Emerson street neighbors!

      …side note, we did not notice this but then again we got home late on Monday.

      • Emerson

        Another Emerson rep here! I saw a worker changing our meters on Monday early morning when I was walking the dog. I later confirmed with a neighbor when we had the gorgeous orange stuff flowing from our taps!

    • DF

      I’m on Delafield. They were changing out all the meters on Friday and I had some issues (air pockets?) flushing toilets and starting laundry but never noticed black water!

  • Anonymous

    They changed our water meters in Brightwood yesterday, and stuff came out of the plumbing immediately afterwards. We didn’t get any warning that I can remember, and I just replaced the filters a few weeks ago. They aren’t cheap.

    • Kevin

      The lack of warning is my issue. The utilities in every other town I’ve lived in have given me a heads up ahead of scheduled work, and they’ve done a good job about alerts for emergency work (phone call, e-mail). No heads up from DC Water on this.

      • Carey

        DC Water wastes a lot of money on dumb promotional crap that could be better spent elsewhere, like maybe letting customers know about work like this. You’re a public utility. You don’t need big, splashy PR.

    • textdoc

      Yeah, I remember some brown water (and fitful water pressure) in northern Park View a month or two ago, and around the same time I noticed that they’d replaced the easy-open tops for the water meters with new ones that had a special pentagon-shaped (IIRC) bolt.

    • MadMax

      I can imagine this stuff coming through our fridge water dispenser and jamming up the whole damn thing, ugh.

  • Former Petworthian

    It’s the ANXO Cidery DC Tap Takeover!

  • jaseguy30

    This is undoubtedly a cask ESB

    • NH Ave Hiker

      lol yes

  • Kevin

    OP here. I assumed it was just some pipe work, but the water utilities in other cities where I’ve lived have always given me a heads up so that I don’t run any filters or fill a fish tank (or fill a stockpot for beer wort) without flushing first. This stuff would’ve jammed up a filter; there’s some serious gunk that’s precipitated out in this glass.

    • Bobert

      You don’t perchance live in a Sanford Capital property?

      • Kevin

        Nope. Standard Petworth rowhouse.

    • jonah

      DC Water is replacing the meters for 88,000 properties across the District. The updates are making the wireless reading more reliable. They are suppose to be knocking on doors before turning off the water in case residents are home. If you are home and using it they will reschedule. If no one answers they will replace the meter and are suppose to put a door hanger or other notice on your door. That is what they shared with ANCs though it sounds like it may not be happening.

      • textdoc

        Yeah — I definitely did not get a door hanger.

        • DF

          I saw one hanger on my block and was home the whole time they were working on our block.

      • HaileUnlikely

        They did mine about 3-4 weeks ago. They did leave me a door hanger, and I saw many of them on my neighbors’ houses (northern tip of Takoma, off of Georgia Ave)

      • Kevin

        They left a door hanger – on the handrail down by the street. I can unequivocally say that they did not try to knock/ring the doorbell to see if anyone was home first.

        …And I don’t understand why they can’t give some advance notice. Did they wake up this morning and randomly decide to replace our meter today? This is pretty incompetent from a communications perspective.

    • Carey

      You use DC tap water for brewing beer? Everyone I know buys water at Costco for brewing. I was under the impression that the mineral content of the water here would do the flavor of the beer no favors.

  • emilysquirrely

    Busboys and Poets has a drink called “DC Tap Water” that is about that color.

  • NT

    In my part of Petworth (7th & Gallatin NW) they are replacing water meters. Notice left advises running water from lowest point – basement or outside – and also from kitchen sink for 10 minutes (without the aerator) after replacement. Worked for me. YMMV

    • Waxy

      They were replacing water meters around 4th and Upshur NW last week. Got home to find a flyer about flushing the water for a few minutes, but our water was not turned on. Fortunately, DC Water was able to come out the same evening and turn our water back on.

      We learned from the DC Water employee that came by that the replacements are being done by a contractor that has quotas to meet. So, on our block alone they had forgotten to turn water back on to ours and one other house plus our meter was leaking. The DC water employee discovered and fixed the leak when he came to turn the water back on so it was not a big deal. But it sounds like the contractor is under some pressure to replace meters quickly.

  • LosLobos

    While reading about the Flint water crisis, I remember coming across an article that claimed contaminations levels similar to Flint were more common that most would assume. Like some have mentioned already, this is probably related to some fix and you probably just need to flush the pipes.

    That being said, is there a place where we can access the results of water purity testing for DC water? I’ve been telling my wife that municipal water is cleaner than bottled water and I would hate to be wrong

    • textdoc

      “is there a place where we can access the results of water purity testing for DC water?” I’m pretty sure this should be somewhere on the DC Water website.
      You can also request from DC Water a kit for free water testing. In D.C., if you have issues with your water it generally isn’t because of what DC Water is pumping out, but rather because of lead service pipes that your house may have.

    • kate

      All public water systems are required to issue water quality reports once a year, typically in the summer. Contact DC Water for yours, although the 2017 ones may not be out yet (in which case you’d get last year’s).

      • textdoc

        You can find the 2016 report (and links to previous years’ reports) here:

      • Anonymous

        The water quality reports are on the DC Water website.

  • eb

    Its got poop in it.


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