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  • Ugh. Pittsburgh sports fans are the worst.

  • Let Pittsburgh fans have their sports because they have literally nothing else going for them.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Lol Caps are such a loser franchise. Can’t even make it past the second round after winning the President’s trophy.

  • justinbc

    Craps fail again, feel bad for you guys.

  • It’s unclear who started this, but I always find it surprising when fans of a winning visiting team taunt the home team. The vast majority of times there are far, far more home team fans, so it seems like really poor risk assessment to pick a fight that you are incredibly unlikely to win. That’s booze for you.

    • Isn’t it more surprising that people with no actual connection to a sports team feel the need to fight someone because they have a tenuous connection to a different team?

    • justinbc

      I would guess that most people who taunt someone at a sporting event do so not expecting to actually be punched for it.

    • You could’ve stopped at “unclear who started this’ but went on to make sweeping assumptions on what happened and why. The idea that Caps fans wouldn’t start $hit is laughable to anyone who’s been in the vicinity of Verizon center on a game night.

  • As a native Pittsburgher who was out watching the game last night, shocked at the display of some Caps fans… saw some drunk loser spit in a Pen fan’s face, unprovoked, because they were wearing a Crosby jersey… karma for next season!

    • God that’s awful. The Caps lost because they gave probably their worst game 7 performance of all time. To blame Pittsburgh alone for the loss shows how delusional some fans are.

      • They outshot and outplayed the Penguins all game.
        2009 would like a word with you, or any of the 5 game 7’s the Caps have lost. This was one of their better ones, let alone any other team’s

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I don’t know about that. As a neutral observer (Bruins fan), who admittedly only watched the first period and the last 10 minutes of the third, I would not say that was the case. The first period was pretty back and forth and if anything, the Pens controlled the play (the box score indicates the Pens out shot the Caps in the first). For the last ten minutes, the Pens were all over the Caps (they couldn’t even enter the zone with the goalie pulled). Again, the box score indicates that the Pens out shot the Caps in the third, so it seems to support my recollection. I missed the second, and the Caps did drastically out shoot the Pens in that period, so maybe that is what you are remembering, but overall, the stats were basically even. In the portions of the game I watched, the Pens shots seemed like better scoring chances as well.

        • justinbc

          Isn’t saying you outshot them kind of like saying you talk to all the guys/ladies in a bar, but none want to go home with you?

          • Not necessarily. If you are outshooting another team, it’s (usually) because you are dominating the play. So shots on goal or scoring opportunities can be a good indicia of who is dominating the game. So, it’s not like some overconfident loser at a bar striking out. That said, the shot difference here was 29-28 (i.e., pretty close), and I don’t think you can say the Caps outplayed the Pens all game–they played like they knew they were defeated in the 3rd period.

            Makes me sad, I really want Ovie to get a cup. (And DC, obv).

            Oh, and unless you are on the ice yourself, you should not be fighting over a hockey game. Yuck.

        • Caps looked terrible last night compared to how they played during the series. If that is truly one of their better game sevens, then they are perhaps the chokiest team in all of pro sports….

        • At least last year’s game 7 went to OT. We outscored the Penguins 9-4 in the previous 2 games to stay alive in the series and you’re saying a shutout is one of their better game 7’s? I’m a Caps fan but even I know that is just not true.

  • Wait till that Caps fan tells his fellow rubes back in Centreville about how he defended his team’s honor!

  • OK I”m a Pens fan and that is not cool. It’s just hockey! Let’s leave the drunken fan brawls to Philly!

  • All sports fans are awful*, it just takes a team’s success to bring it out. Penguins fans taunting Capitals fans are classless and lame; Capitals fans attacking Penguins fans are dangerously out of line. In all of these cases, it’s not like the fans themselves have accomplished or failed at anything beyond maybe being born in a city that’s having a good or bad year…

    *With the caveat that some cities have a disproportionate share of abominable people (*cough*Boston*cough*)

    • justinbc

      Boston is unquestionably the worst. Sorry Philadelphians, you’ll have to find something else to be proud of being bad at.

      • NH Ave Hiker

        Boston is the best.

      • But but….the SNOWBAWLLS!!!!!
        ….50 years ago
        I still maintain most of the terrible Philadelphia fans are from Jersey. I don’t know any actual Philadelphians who are proud of that crap. Dealing with the turnpike or PATCO ride home must be just too much to take without alcohol in your blood. I may not have much evidence, but I’m sticking with it

        • Please. Don’t try to pass off Pennsylvanians’ thuggish behavior on the good people of the Garden State. It’s more likely people from the Alabama portion of Pennsylvania. And it isn’t like actual Philadelphians are cultured aristocrats themselves.

          • Look – it’s easy to take a swipe at Philadelphia fans – and yes, a very large portion of them are from / live in south Jersey. Any fan, of any sport from any city, can act like a thug. I do not believe thuggish behavior is limited to a particular sports teams’ supporters, as we can see examples in the video above and in news stories all across the U.S. – hell across the globe, really (looking at you, football club hooligans!). But please, there are actually some of us native-born Philadelphians who would like to leave our brawling ways in the past and just enjoy a beer, a hoagie, and a good game!

          • justinbc

            Is a hoagie different than a sandwich, or is it just a regional terminology thing?

          • oh, it’s a very regional term for a sandwich, but moreso a sub-type sandwich. For instance, a BLT wouldn’t be a hoagie. But an Italian sub would be. We always butted heads with my cousins from New England, who insisted it was a “grind-ah.” Wut.

    • But “all sports fans” don’t show up to games, drink their faces off, and pretend like their personal honor is at stake when their team is insulted. There are plenty who can take in a game and maintain a degree of civility. You just won’t see them going viral on Twitter.

  • Worst fan power rankings:
    Russian fans of any sport.
    European soccer fans.
    Hockey fans.
    Football fans.
    Baseball fans.
    Basketball fans.
    American soccer fans.

    Also let this be a lesson caps fans: you can’t win a Stanley Cup if a Russian is your best player. You need the toughness only a Canadian can provide.

    • justinbc

      Duke and Ohio State fans probably deserve their own special line too.

    • Somehow missed your list – but posted one substantially similar.

    • Montreal Canadiens fans deserve a place all their own, right above hockey fans (as a city that riots over hockey).

      • justinbc

        I thought Maple Leafs fans were supposedly worse? Admittedly, hockey is one of the few sports I don’t really follow.

        • I don’t think so–I mean, you have to give it to Leafs fans, they show up and cheer for a team that hasn’t made it to the playoffs since…anyone cares to remember. But Habs fans boo their own team, they cheer ironically if their goalie makes an easy save when he’s having an off night. They’ve rioted numerous times because their team won or lost a playoff series (or the Cup).

          That said, the fans aren’t known for hurling racist slurs (but maybe that’s just because they are in french and I don’t understand them).

    • +1000 about a Russian being the best player and leading the team to a cup..just not gonna happen

  • I used to be a sports fan until I realized that being a fan is an incredible waste of time:


  • So many hockey fans are just slightly better behaved than football hooligans in the UK. Driving around chinatown last night before the game (and before the booze intake) was already like driving through a prequel to Mad Max.

    1.) football hooligans
    2.) A massive number of hockey fans
    3.) NFL Fans from certain cities
    4.) Many LA Dodgers Fans
    5.) Everyone else

  • All you to know about that game was the Penguins were going for every single puck like there was no tomorrow and the Caps players to a man were hesitating and playing without urgency.

    Zero more to be said. If you want to know what the Penguins have a lot of championships, merely watch that game/

  • Fight broke out at Penn Social last night too