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Upper Crust Pizzeria Closes on U Street; &pizza Rigorously Thumping Their Chest (I imagine)

by Prince Of Petworth May 22, 2017 at 11:15 am 15 Comments

1301 U Street, NW

Nikki reports:

“Well, that was quick. They spent the weekend loading up a moving truck, and now all signage is gone and the doors are closed. I think they spent about as much time prepping the space for pizza ovens, etc. than they spent in actual operation. Bummer.”

  • Anon

    They were very good at first. But then the quality of toppings fell off a cliff. Maybe they were not turning a profit and decided to try to trim costs? Dunno. But we really liked them at first. Sad.

  • Rich

    The Ellington seems to be death to whomever locates there–only the Mexicanism place on the corner of 14th has succeeded. &Pizza is just a new way of serving the awful pizza that DCers have long tolerated.

    • Anon

      Ironically, that place has the worst Mexican food ever. It’s clearly aiming for “gringo Mexican,” which, hey, has its place. But it’s horrible even for that. My wife loves me so much and would literally do anything for me. Anything EXCEPT eat there. (I always want to go for the frozen margaritas – I don’t need your judgment.) Literally, her only rule in our marriage: “please don’t ask me to eat at Alero.”

      • L2

        LOL. My bf and I have a similar agreement except we both refuse to eat there. We took out of town friends there several years ago and it was unforgettably horrible, bordering on inedible. We felt like jerks for taking people there (wanted something simple for parents w/picky kids).

      • Carey

        *Tries so, sooooo hard not to judge but fails miserably*

        • Anon

          Deep down, I know I deserve it…

      • jsauri

        When they first opened they were more upscale, modern Mexican, i.e. no burritos etc, a lot more seafood. I think they didn’t do very well and changed over to more gringo Mexican.

  • gabeyo

    LOL, hilariously title, &pizza is da shit though.

  • Rich

    should be the Mexicanish place on the corner of 13th.

    • textdoc

      I.e., Alero.

      • anon

        I think Alero is very popular with Howard students but not anyone else…which makes sense, it’s the kinda place I loved in college too.

  • Anon

    Given &pizza’s prominence, I’m surprised that someone thought it would be a good idea to put in a by-the-slice joint across the street.

  • YouStreet

    I went into Pidzzzza the other day as it just opened. Looks basically exactly the same as &Pizza. About a block away. Not really sure what the strategy is, other than that U & Pizza basically has a line and is busy most of the time. Never even got a “pid”zzza as the workers were getting their sea legs. I’ll try it at some point later, but i was expecting something “different” (albeit, slightly). Will see if it is any different or just a copy cat with a great location

    • ftoast

      I ate at the Chinatown Pidzza a couple weeks ago. It definitely has similar setup and taste/quality to &Pizza, but Pidzza has some different toppings, sort of middle eastern inspired. I think it’s a Turkish thing? Anyway, the place was totally empty at noon on a weekday…

  • L2

    Ugh! I got delivery from there this weekend for the first time. I thought it was really good. I liked the thin crispy crust and toppings were good. Harumph.


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