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  • You missed a chance to use “egg-exutive overreach”

  • I’m not sure how an elected official proposing a law is ‘executive overreach’… for that matter, I’m not sure how a hen is construed as a household pet.

    • This proposal has been included in the DC budget, not as a standalone bill. The people affected are (correctly, in my opinion) arguing that this is an inappropriate vehicle.

  • Pretty cruel owners – hen is not cage-free.

  • WHOSE coops? OUR coops!

  • Are the people in the photos the same people who previously wrote in, and believe that the new proposal is targeted specifically at them?

  • Does anyone know where to get a “Lay off the hens” sign? I’ve seen them around.

  • Count me in favor of banning chickens in an urban/dense environment.

    chickens are smelly. The average large lot in upper NW does not offer enough separation.

    I would consider an acceptable compromise to be an annual certification/license and express written permission for all neighbors within X feet. Burdensome? Yes. But it makes sure one person’s interest in chickens doesnt trample their neighbor’s right to enjoyment of their property.

    • austindc

      You already have to get permission from your neighbors, so you’re halfway there. I could get behind the annual certification though, since you have to do the same with dogs, which are arguably worse animals to have in an urban environment, and their eggs are not as tasty. I have hens and dogs, so I get the best and worse of both worlds.