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  • anon

    My class once went to a field trip to a shopping center nearby and it was a pretty busy day of seeing the backrooms and supporting work of places we went daily. A little cheap, but not useless.

  • AJ

    Saw these kids on Saturday. Just a sea of middle schoolers in American flag hoodies and MAGA hats drinking jumbo slurpees on their way to terrorize the zoo animals.

    • L.

      13 year old white boys from podunkville (and those at heart) are a core constituent group of the MAGA philosophy.

  • Moe

    Famous Mountain climber from Colorado, currently peaking in Pakistan. Maybe a store owner from Pakistan?

  • L.

    Middle school tourist groups are the worst. They expand to fill whatever space they’re in, like gas, without regard for others, you cannot get through a crowd of them. And they’re messing with their phones as they walk so sometimes they’ll crash right into you.


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