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  • Carey

    I love it! It’s one of the nicest things to happen in the neighborhood in a long time.

  • RPCV

    The blue/orange/yellow looks like pagne (west/central African cloth). Had to look up Kantha, but seems to be south Asia’s fabric. You can actually see the label, which is right on the edge of the fabric (the tiny white border you can see on the big blue/orange/yellow one — this is where a company writes their name etc in small print). Can’t make it out, but is indicative of pagne from West & Central Africa.

    • RPCV with fabric obsession

      Actually PoP wasn’t far off… This particular type of fabric (kitenge in East Africa, batik or wax in Senegal, ankara in Ghana, and many other names I am not aware of…) actually does have its origins in East Asia. There are lots of great local legends about how it made its way to Africa, but ultimately, it was developed by the Dutch for the Indonesian market based on a variation on local Javanese fabric printing techniques. The Indonesian locals never took to the fabric… but the West African market certainly did! Vlisco, a Dutch company, is still one of the largest produces of this type of fabric, although the Chinese “knock-off” prints are becoming even more popular. On that white border you describe, Vlisco will print a special bar code that you can check to ensure that you are getting the “real” fabric and not a knock-off.

  • RPCV

    The blue/yellow/orange seems to be pagne fabric, which comes from west/central Africa. Not Kantha, which I had to look up and comes from south Asia. Aside from it just looking very similar to the fabric I often encountered, you can see the white border (this is where a company will print their name in small print).

  • Amanda Blythe

    Dance Place did this! They are having their 30th annual festival this week and are dressing up the street to celebrate. There will be free stuff outdoors all this weekend and an African-style Marketplace so you can ask them where the cloth is from! ;)


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