Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Julian Ortiz

“Dear PoPville,

Like you and most other sane human beings, I am a lover of dessert, especially ice cream. There have been many evenings when my wife and I, after having just completed a delicious dinner, get a craving for ice cream. Not frozen yogurt, not sorbet, but dairy cream and sugar ice cream. I’m a big fan of Dairy Queen soft serve and growing up in Texas, a cone of DQ soft serve was always easily at hand. However, one night a few years back after completing said meal, my then girlfriend and I (now my wife) got a craving for ice cream. We asked the Google to find us some ice cream, and low and behold, the closest Dairy Queen is 7.5 miles away in the Montgomery Mall in MARYLAND!

In fact, I’ve only counted a handful of actual ice cream places in DC, and NONE of them are convenient to Van Ness. Yes we have frozen yogurt available, but for one, the froyo place in Cleveland Park is no more, and two, if I wanted froyo, I would get froyo. So my question is, in a city that is as walkable and pedestrian friendly as DC, why is it so hard to get a cone of soft serve???”


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