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  • Rosedale

    Wasn’t this the house used for the rather unfortunate “Real World: DC” season?

    • kd21


      • Cleo42

        Yes, it was. That’s a couple blocks from my house. It was first some sort of Chinese dissident museum (which has been moved a few blocks away), then it was the Real World DC house.

        • Cleo42

          Caveat: Unless there are two houses that look almost exactly the same in the district … which I just realized is totally possible.

    • Ames

      Nope – this house has a 19th St address – the Real World house was a block away, with an S St address. I know the owner of this house, and his kids, very well. Cool old dude – a doctor, who has done a lot for Latino people in D.C. for decades (over 40 yrs). Particularly substance abuse, mental health, HIV treatment, etc. Check out Andromeda for more info. A real old school D.C. gem.

  • anon&confused

    Yessss, I love this place! They have a fantastic garage/deck/studio in the back, too. I plan my afternoon walk breaks from work so that I can stroll past this fantastic home.


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