• Johnny

    I thought cleveland park was a historic district? didnt know you could raze houses there.

    • Bob

      I received an actual flyer in the mail about this house. They aren’t razing it, just substantially renovating. I don’t think it’s been approved by the Historic District Preservation Board yet. So, time will tell…. Personally, I like the design and think DC (and Cleveland Park) could use more renovations like these.

      • ShepherdParker

        The existing house is a “noncontributing resource” in the CP historic district, since it was built after 1941 (in this case, 1955 – this section of Ordway wasn’t even paved until after the war). The plans for the new house were on the HPRB consent calendar last October, after going through a couple of rounds of revision with neighborhood design review committees. It does technically count as an alteration and not a raze, since they’re preserving the foundation, but the proposed new design was reviewed as if it were new construction in the historic district, which in effect it is.

        • textdoc

          Thanks for this background information, ShepherdParker!

      • ShepherdParker

        Other houses recently or soon to be replaced in CP: a new house under construction on Porter, which replaces a postwar colonial, and a new house soon to replace the ziggurat-like dentist’s(?) office at the corner of Connecticut and Rodman. The latter *was* built in the “period of significance” but was so altered that HPRB officially declared it noncontributing a few years ago.


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