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Heads Up Grant Circle Drivers

by Prince Of Petworth May 19, 2017 at 3:15 pm 5 Comments

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will temporarily close one travel lane continuously in Grant Circle NW from 6 pm Sunday, May 21 through noon Saturday, May 27. During this time, DDOT will also temporarily close one northbound travel lane on New Hampshire Avenue NW between Upshur Street NW and Grant Circle.

The closure is needed for a traffic study designed to improve transportation safety for all Grant Circle users, and to slow speeding drivers. During the study, Grant Circle operations will be reduced to a single travel lane, and crosswalks into the Circle will be shorter.

DDOT will collect data and make field observations to measure the impacts to traffic operations. DDOT will also be conducting step out surveys to measure compliance with yielding to pedestrians in uncontrolled crosswalks.

The work on Grant Circle is part of a larger effort by DDOT to move toward Vision Zero, where the District will reach zero fatalities and serious injuries to travelers in our transportation system by 2024.

DDOT will use orange barrels to close the lanes, and warning signs will be installed to warn motorists of the lane closure on New Hampshire Avenue.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to stay alert while traveling through these locations, and to be observant of DDOT’s personnel.”

  • JS

    I feel bad for the people that live on the side streets surrounding the circle. They’re going to see a lot more cut-through traffic because of this.

    • Marty

      i’m just hoping that the MPD has a couple of folks around for the expected ass-hattery that is sure to ensure.

    • doogie

      And the people who live on Grant circle and the roads leading to it are what, chopped liver?

  • west_egg

    I don’t see how a single week is sufficient for a traffic study. People need time to learn and adjust. :shrug:

  • G Fagin

    Looks like someone is making unnecessary closures trying to reach Vision Zero. Let me tell you how to reach it, stay on the curb/walkway until traffic has cleared. Where did the idea come from anyway to walk out in front of moving cars. Growing up here we never heard of anyone getting hit by a car we were taking get to stay put until coast was clear. Yes it’s more traffic since gentrification, that’s what stop signs are for.


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