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Georgian Restaurant Supra coming to new development at 11th and M St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 26, 2017 at 10:25 am 26 Comments

rendering via Loopnet

Ah good scuttlebutt from a reader via Loopnet:

“1011 M is a street level retail property of approximately 4,260 sf. The tenant is a Full-service restaurant from a member of the team responsible for opening several of José Andrés’ restaurants including Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel and Minibar.

o A Georgian feast restaurant in Shaw, one of the hottest neighborhoods in DC.
o Featuring an extensive Georgian wine list and cha-cha, their version of grappa.
o The architectural and design firms have created a space that is chic and stylish, rustic and refined best described at Industrial Chic.

Logan Circle – The commercial vitality is centered along the 14th & U Street corridors where young professionals come to visit to experience some of the best mix of high-end dining, retail, residential, entertainment and cultural offerings in DC. Trader Joe’ s
opened a new store in March 2014 and joined Whole Foods and Yes! Organic Market.

1011 M is located at the corner of 11th and M Street NW Washington DC. The property is on the border of the Logan Circle and Shaw neighborhoods.

o Supra is in the heart of Washington DC, two blocks from the Washington DC Convention Center and one block off the busy Massachusetts Avenue.
o Supra has signed a lease for the retail portion of the ground floor of 1011 M Street, a newly constructed luxury condominium building at the corner of 11th and M NW.
o Supra is the only restaurant and retail space in the condominium building, which includes over 70 units starting at $500,000 and penthouses approaching $2M.”
o The Mt Vernon Square Metro stop at 700 M st is a short stroll from Supra, providing easy access for metro riders.”

  • peachy

    I’m excited about this! I went to Georgia a few years ago and fell in love with the country and the cuisine. (Although the cuisine is more rustic than this preview indicates the restaurant will be…) Compass Rose has khachapuri and Mari Vanna has khinkali, but a full Georgian restaurant would be awesome. Crossing fingers.

    • Bobert

      Check out Rus Uz in Arlington – they have a number of Georgian dishes as well.

      • peachy


    • alurin

      Seconded! Georgian food is fantastic.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Wishing them the best of luck; will be great to have a (hopefully) vibrant indoor/outdoor all-day retail space at that corner (ahem, I’m looking at you, dark gym at 11th and Rhode Island that brought zero life to an otherwise prominent neighborhood corner).

    Does anyone know what is coming (or coming back, i.e., the laundromat) to the existing Victorian building at the corner of this new development at 11th and M? I was hoping that the developer either bought the place and/or has some agreement to at least remove the formstone and restore the exterior of the building, but it seems (thus far at least) that they’re simply building around it and leaving the exterior “as is”, which is unfortunate given how lovely the new construction surrounding it turned out.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      If I remember correctly, the developer wasn’t able to buy that building. It may actually be fortunate, from an architectural perspective at least. If they’d bought it I suspect that rather than do an attractive renovation of the corner building, they’d more likely have knocked it down and built all the way out to the corner.

      • logandude

        They still managed to do substantial damage to that building while digging out the foundations next door. It is still being held together with cables and other stabilizers. Not sure how structurally sound the interior is (the way the one side wall peeled away, it may have loosened a lot of the floor supports). I’m afraid it may still end up being razed.

    • JohnH

      Not sure about the gym complaint. This “prominent” corner features a skate park (next to an abandoned middle school), a laundromat and a liquor store/locksmith on each corner. Gyms are not typically “vibrant” additions to neighborhoods – you may not like their color scheme/advertising, but on a list of complaints about the “look” of that corner, not sure that’s the top concern.
      That area may seem hip and “vibrant”, but it’s very low density – plus about 3 square city blocks is an abandoned school. The expectation of having all of this “vibrant” all-day ground floor retail everywhere is completely unrealistic. Just because Shaw is hip and trendy – it’s still relatively low-density.

      • Lion of LeDroit

        That’s precisely the point: that particular corner, IMHO, should (it certainly doesn’t now) have some pedestrian-friendly retail. This is all general urban planning theory, a la Jane Jacobs, re: how to enliven an urban environment. That corner (and the cross streets) certainly isn’t a major retail/commercial destination, but it’s unfortunate that the one retail slot in a large new building at that corner is being utilized by an establishment that brings no interactivity with pedestrian street life. Lovely urban environments are the product of the establishments and people that inhabit them; the reason why we all visit NYC, Paris and London (but not Cincinnati, Tulsa or Jakarta) has a lot more to do with how a city is planned, grows and develops over time. These small, seemingly minor, choices of how and where to encourage certain types of retail do have a discernible impact in the aggregate on how a neighborhood “feels”. End lecture. ROAR.

  • textdoc

    I hope the “industrial chic” look/decor isn’t going to mean “lots of flat metal surfaces that will make the space super-noisy.”

    • Bobert

      Oh come on, you know exactly what it’s going to look like; it will be noisy.

  • La

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a Pho place coming to this block?

    • Truxton Thomas

      Oh man, sign me up for that.

    • Cleveland Dave

      It is. Two week or so. Above El Sol next to the supermarket.

  • 16thSter

    YES! Can they bring the Georgian hospitality? And the plates stacked on top of plates… Yum

  • anon36

    how original. another overpriced restaurant from the same DC cabal offering bland versions of the latest “in” ethnic food.

    • Bobert

      you have a better idea that could be economically viable?

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      Good lorrrrrd, man. It’s amazing that someone can open literally the only restaurant in the city serving a certain cuisine and someone will still complain that it’s unoriginal.

      • alurin

        The only Georgian restaurant this side of New York City (are there any Georgian restaurants outside of NYC?) and it’s “unoriginal”. Also “bland”, even though he or she has never eaten there.
        Georgian is the latest “in” cuisine? We should be so lucky!

        • sherwater

          +100000000000000 and all the other numbers

        • Bobert

          To be fair, “bland versions of the latest “in” ethnic food” qualifies the “DC cabal offering”, not “another overpriced restaurant”.

        • JohnH

          These comments remind me of the Modern Family episode when Mitch and Claire are at the gym and Mitch starts talking about something that Claire’s never heard of and he acts like he’s known about it for years and has all of this experience with, while he just found out about it. 99.9% of DC residents couldn’t tell you a darn thing about Georgia – other than the state of Georgia.

    • Andy

      I would like to make a reservation for anon36 for the opening of this restaurant under the name: Bitter party of one. You can always find at least one person to crap all over anything new.

  • Shaw

    Yes to Georgian food! Any idea when it’s opening?

    • 9thStreetNW

      It’s a blank slate in there, so at a minimum I’m guessing… more than 6 months?

  • Andy

    There is a place in Rego Park in Queens – a Georgian place – called Marani. So delicious! The fare is difficult to characterize. But it’s very good. I hope this one does well.


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