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Construction Starts at Legal Sea Foods in Union Station

by Prince Of Petworth May 29, 2017 at 10:05 pm 11 Comments

Since I first posted about Legal Sea Foods back in February I’ve been getting regular queries about their status. Ed. Note: I had no idea folks were that into Legal Sea Foods. Happy to now share that construction has started. You can see Legal Sea Foods Chinatown’s menus here.  Stay tuned.

  • Carey

    People are really into Legal Sea Foods? Last time I ate at one (Crystal City location, maybe ten years ago) it was terrible. Haven’t been back since. Maybe they’ve improved since then.

  • Anon

    People who love Legal Seafood are either from Boston and have Celiac’s disease. Food isn’t that special, but it is actually gluten-free.

  • Anon

    How are they building out a space that clearly wasn’t designed for a kitchen (and isn’t that big to begin with)? Are they cannibalizing part of Uno?

  • Rich

    They provide good value and a fairly consistent product. It’s not like DC, despite it’s proximity to the Bay, is brimming with great seafood restaurants.

    • dcd

      Consistent? Yes. I’d dispute that it’s a good value, though. For the price, the quality is significantly lacking.
      I will say, though, that they had a very good kids menu. For parents who are trying to teach their kids to eat well and enjoy food, finding kid’s menus with a variety of offerings can be surprisingly difficult. It’s always nice to find a kid’s menu (and avoid paying for an adult entrée for a child) that has more than mac ‘n cheese, chicken fingers, and grilled cheese on it.

    • Bobert

      You high mate?

  • MadMax

    I think people might be less excited specifically FOR Legal Seafood compared to just being hopeful that something other than the current state of bad sit-down restaurants in the area will be come in.

  • Oyster and Canadian Club Lover

    If they bring the six for six to union station, with the 1/2 price wells then I’m all over it.

  • J

    I went there for a drink with friends a while back. The place REEKED. Not just like fish (good fish doesn’t smell well, fishy) but just gross and dirty. Like dirty mop water. We bolted our drinks and headed out.

  • Commentator

    Ages ago, they were great across Boston and you were always in for a good meal. Then, quality and service began varying by location, so we just kept to the locations that were solid. For whatever reason, I’ve never liked the Chinatown location but still think they are capable of having a good DC outpost so hope this one works out (although I am rarely near Union Station so either way wouldn’t be frequenting it).

  • mharding01

    Does anyone know what will replace B. Smith’s? That space has been vacant a long time .


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