Washington, DC

2019 11th Street, NW just north of U Street

Last week we learned Charcoal Town, Shawarma, was coming to the former Chix space next to The Greek Spot at 11th and U St, NW. The owner of Greek Spot took umbrage. Now the owners of Charcoal Town respond with a message of reconciliation:

“Our main dish (Charcoal Shawarma) is so unique to that level of being provided for first time in the US.

And still, with the similarity in cuisine name, Mediterranean/middle eastern and Mediterranean/Greek cuisine can provide a wide range of options and we kept that in mind while preparing our menu for legal(Neighbors contract with the landlord) and moral reasons.

Legally, we can’t mention any neighbors lease details, but we definitely made sure not to breach any point of it,and no one can accuse us of breaching any contract unless ruled differently in a legal way.

neighborhood can see the similarities, all based on assumption, but when we open on 5/31 our guests will see (and taste) the differences and how we went to great lengths to ensure that every one still can like both places for their own specialties! We are just adding awesomeness to the awesomeness that already been provided in the neighborhood rather than being a competitor and forcing people to make a choice between one or the other.


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