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Scuttlebutt Confirmed: Bibibop buys ShopHouse locations

by Prince Of Petworth March 20, 2017 at 10:30 am 17 Comments


On Thursday I shared some scuttlebutt saying that Bibibop would likely be buying the ShopHouse locations. Likely no more! Restaurant News confirms:

“Bibibop Asian Grill said Friday that it is the buyer of the leases for 15 closed ShopHouse Asian Kitchen locations, a deal that will double the Columbus, Ohio-based chain’s size virtually overnight.”

You can see their menus here. DC locations include 1516 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont, 2805 M Street, NW in Georgetown, 710 7th Street, NW in Chinatown and the first floor of Union Station (pictured above.)

  • northeazy

    Their menu is pretty bare bones–but I think they will do just fine in DC. Which is sad because ShopHouse had a more expansive menu, and I do not care what Chipotle said, I am certain they made money on ShopHouse. Just not enough for their liking. I think I am going to go on strike for Chipotle to register my dissent for closing ShopHouse.

    • dcgator

      I’m also thinking of pulling the Chipotle boycott, but I’m not sure who that’ll hurt, aside from me….

    • Michael Pierce

      “I ate the bones!!!”

    • Rich

      Their menu is no more expansive than ShopHouse and it’s a similar concept with a different Asian cuisine. Looks less interesting–thai & Vietnames food are all about mixing together different tastes, but with somewhat differnt sets of ingredients. Korean not so much.

    • Bruce

      I’ve been boycotting Chipotle since they made everyone sick. I don’t see that changing.

  • JimmyJNorton

    I am a bit sad to see ShopHouse go, but I’m actually look forward to this new place

    I hope it doesn’t take too long for them to do the switchover and reopening, as I would like to try them soon and just having to look at the empty building for months on end is not something I would prefer

  • harleyquinn

    I think I would prefer SeoulSpice over this place.

    • jmo324

      Agreed – I’ve been to both (moved here from Colombus) and SeoulSpice is about a million times better. Heard they are opening another location in Tenleytown?

  • anon

    hmmm, you say you’ve got leases for 15 locations where fast casual Asian food in bowls failed? We’ll take all of them. We’ve got a great idea for those places.

    • DM

      To be fair, ShopHouse closed because Chipotle couldn’t see a way to make it into a nationwide brand with 1,000 locations, like Chipotle–not (necessarily) because the individual restaurants couldn’t attract customers. I don’t know the financials, but the one on 7th Street was always packed.

    • Daniel

      During peak hours there is always a line out the door at the Shop house in Columbia town center.

  • NDchick1

    I miss the meatballs already.

  • zipdc

    The Dupont one is so close to the awesome BBB Fresh. At least Shophouse was different enough I’d visit there and not just BBB.

    • jumpingjack

      Totally agree. When I worked in that area Triple B Fresh was one of my favorite lunch spots.

  • JimmyJNorton

    So does this mean the fates for the non-DC ShopHouses like the Bethesda and Silver Spring locations are still up on the air?

    • No they have all been leased to Bibibop – I believe California may be up in the air but not 100%

  • Vern

    Not very good food. Bland and boring Bibibop


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