17 year-old juvenile arrested for assault and armed robbery 11:45am Tuesday at 9th and Upshur St, NW

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From MPD:

“On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, around 11:45 a.m., the victim was in the 4200 block of 9th Street, NW, when he was approached by two suspects one of whom assaulted him and the other brandished a handgun and took the victim’s property. Both suspects fled from the scene of the robbery. Based on the investigation conducted by the 4D detectives and the responding officers, an arrest was made of one of the suspects. This suspect was identified as a 17 year-old juvenile male of Northwest, Washington, DC. The detectives are working to identify the second suspect and are hopeful to make another arrest in this case.”

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  • Oh slap him on the wrist why dontcha!

  • I was just south of here at the time (didn’t see anything, though!) walking alone down to Qualia. Ugh – scary how easily this could happen.

  • Also crazy how unnerving this is. Broad daylight just walking around our lovely neighborhood. As someone who’s semi-new to the neighborhood, is this common? How concerning should we be to walk to/from the metro, local bars, etc? Any tips other than ‘stay alert’?

    • I don’t think this is too common there. That area does feel rather isolated to me, but I’m only there later in the evenings.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      It used to be rather common even up to a couple of years ago. Now, not so much. It’s literally right where a bunch of new restaurants are.

    • This block has had MPD foot/bike patrols recently to help with visibility and keep down issues. It is relatively quiet though rumors persist about some drug dealing that happens in one of the businesses on the block. The stretch of 9th street is also where the juvenile probation center will be located which will bring some daytime security at that facility.

      • Jonah: I don’t quite share your optimism regarding the incoming juvenile probation center in the middle of a strip of restaurants and bars as being helpful to the crime situation. I know these facilities are needed, but genuinely question the location.

        • I understand your apprehension, but do you really think a few blocks would make the slightest difference for someone motivated to assault and rob another?

        • I wasn’t sharing optimism or pessimism. I was just sharing that this is the block it is coming to and the court system which runs this has shared that there will be security during their hours of operation.

      • “to help with visibility and keep down issues.”
        Has this block had problems recently? It always seems like a pretty quiet and open block to me.

        • Visibility – not in terms of “line of sight” but more so “eyes on the ground”.

        • Not more so than other areas. But with the number of stores in one block it is an area of opportunity. I think it is also to help deter any incidents with students that might cause trouble or be perceived as causing trouble. I also don’t know if the patrols have changed.

          • I realize they’re connected but are we talking about 9th street or Upshur Street? Or just that area generally? (I was thinking of that block of 9th in particular as not seeming like a particularly bad spot since there’s not a lot of cover there. I feel less safe walking down the 4200 block of 8th Street for example.)

          • Both. This incident happened on 9th Street. The MPD patrol covered this whole retail area.

      • You’re talking about cuzzins aren’t you?

    • Not common. I’ve lived here for 15 years and I know 2 people who have been robbed in the neighborhood in that time, one of whom was my neighbor’s grandson who got robbed of his sneakers and the other a friend who was walking home alone at 1 am in 2004. I do not worry about walking at any time, though I do not typically walk around anywhere after 10 pm because I’m old.

    • It is DC, anything can happen in any neighborhood. Armed teenagers/individual seek unsuspecting lonely victims in every quadrant of the city. Sun up to Sun down, broad daylight, in quiet and populated places alike.

    • saf

      I’m knocking on wood here as I say that I’ve lived here since 1990 and have not had anything like this happen. We have been burglarized more than once though.
      It’s always a matter of being a target of opportunity, and stay alert really is the best advice, I think.

  • Just up the street on Ingraham and Georgia my wife saw a girl get robbed by 3 BM juveniles for her cell phone yesterday (Wednesday). She stopped, talked with the girl, called police and let the girl call her father from her cell phone. I generally feel safe in this neighborhood but now that it’s summer and school’s close to out this I hope this doesn’t become an everyday occurrence.

    • Well kids will be bored during the day and full of energy at nights. I wouldn’t get my hopes too high since no matter what, they are unlikely to be sentenced even if arrested. DC would not want to actually take action against these guys, oh no

    • That’s absolutely terrible. I walked my usual 1+ miles to the metro yesterday around 4:30 pm. Didn’t see anything unusual but hate hearing that this stuff is happening right around me. Makes you feel vulnerable!

  • What is the status of th development of the Shell Gas Station at this intersection? A large retail and housing component at this major intersection might be helpful. I believe the mayor mentioned it at the walk she did in our area several weeks ago. Think a moratorium needs to be lift though???

    • “What is the status of the development of the Shell Gas Station at this intersection?” I didn’t think there was any development slated for that particular Shell any time soon (though Jonah or someone might know better).
      Probably of more relevance is whether there’s going to be any movement/development any time soon with the large vacant building (I think a former warehouse?) just behind that gas station, on the Kansas Avenue side.