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ALERT: FREE burgers + fries from CaliBurger at Wunder Garten Tonight 5-7pm

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2017 at 11:25 am 25 Comments

Photo courtesy CaliBurger by @thisisjamesj

From a press release:

“WHAT: CaliBurger, the California-style burger concept celebrates its Wunder Garten pop-up with FREE burgers and fresh cut fries on Wednesday, May 31. This is open to everyone and limited to one per attendee.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 31

5:00pm – 7:00pm FREE BURGERS & FRIES
7:00pm – 10:00pm OPEN FOR BUSINESS

WHERE: Wunder Garten – 2 blocks from Union Station
1101 First Street NE

About CaliBurger

CaliBurger is a 21st century revival of the classic California burger joint. Our founders are California-bred with global ambitions, bringing the best of California culture, technology, imagery and food to markets that have long craved the famous California style burger. CaliBurger provides a premium quality burger experience at an accessible QSR price point. CaliBurger now operates in 12 countries. CaliBurger’s products feature the highest quality beef, buns baked fresh, top-grade chicken, hand-selected vegetables, zero trans-fat oils, sauces made in house, and hand-mixed shakes. Our made-to-order meals are always prepared in open kitchens, and our restaurants incorporate advanced technologies to create a unique dining experience. CaliBurger customers can enjoy a taste of California in an environment that looks, smells, and feels like California.”

  • You Street

    Stop telling people about this, would ya?

  • MadMax

    Oh god, this PR machine again. Somehow this press release makes me hate them even more than the previous one… Especially this nonsense:
    “CaliBurger customers can enjoy a taste of California in an environment that looks, smells, and feels like California.”
    Bro you ever been to that intersection?

    • RD

      Have you been inside the garden? So much hate in your heart.

      • skj84

        he’s not wrong though. I mean, I really enjoy Wundergarten, but California it does not invoke.

      • MadMax

        I run by it multiple times per week. I’ve also been up and down California repeatedly, and this “garden” is nothing like California, at least no part that anyone should want to replicate.

      • RD

        Sure, it’s not California but it is a hell of a lot better than just “that intersection”. Did the guys at Cali Burger ever do anything to you personally?

      • Anony

        Fake turf laid over asphalt?

        • Bobert

          That’s pretty close to a “California garden”, actually (at least in LA/further south).

          • LA Native

            Not sure what part of LA that is, try hard elsewhere

          • Bobert

            But I already am, apparently!

  • CW

    This is great! I am much more likely to go to Wunder G with a food option now.

    • ace

      …don’t they usually have a food option like brauts or tacos? every time i have been there they have had something.

  • Bents

    – Use of word “concept” in describing standard food item – check
    – Use of term “pop-up” – check
    – Use of fresh-cut or hand-cut when referring to french fries – check

    Everything looks good here, folks.

    • Anony

      I also think “hand mixed shakes” sounds kinda gross

    • Kingman Park It

      Where do they describe a food item as a concept? They describe the chain as a concept, which seems fairly straightforward…

      They call it a “pop-up” because that’s what it is; it is definitively not an establishment on its own.

  • phogoodness

    While it’d be great to try out the free burger, I’m figuring past from past giveaways, the lines will be ridiculous and it will not really worth the $10 cost to wait.

  • H_E_Pennypacker

    Am I crazy or is this a knock off of In-n-Out? Curious if anyone has actually tried the food.

    • kwame

      i think that’s the point as In-N-Out isn’t available on the east coast.

    • MadMax
    • skj84

      I have tried them. I think the idea is pretty much at In-n-Out knock off, though I personally wouldn’t be able to compare the two. Burger was decent, but both times I ordered from them I had issues with my meal. One was the delivery services problem, the other seemed to be theirs.

    • Anon

      Yes! Hilariously, it’s a Chinese knock-off of In-n-Out that actually got sued over trademark infringement. They ended up altering their menu slightly but really are not shy about how they modeled their restaurant after In-n-Out. This dude went to college in Cali and loved In-n-Out. He started CaliBurger back home in Shanghai because there are no In-n-Outs in China.

      • H_E_Pennypacker

        Anon, this is seriously awesome info. Thanks for the link! As a native Californian, i’m highly suspect. As an in-n-out lover, i’m going to have to try them out!

  • jaybird

    What makes it Cali? Avocado fries?

  • tim

    Damn Popvillians… so much cynicism. A free burger is a free burger!


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