“30+ rounds” Fired at 12th/13th and G St, SE at 6:45pm Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2017 at 9:25 am 22 Comments

shots fired
via google maps

From MPD:

“Today at approximately 6:45 PM, at the intersection of 12th and G St. SE, several shots were fired. At this time there are no reported injuries or damage to property associated with this event. However, we are asking any witnesses, or anyone with any knowledge of involved subjects or vehicles to please contact our TIP-line at 202-727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by sending a text message to 50411.”

Council Member Charles Allen tweeted:

“I’ve talked w/ Cmdr Kane re: shooting at 13th & G St SE. 30+ rounds. Two autos sought: silver Nissan Altima & gold van. More patrols added.”

A reader reports:

“People posting about it on New Hill East facebook group, having to shield kids from flying bullets.”

  • Gregor

    We’re right across the street from PG on G St, and we and the neighbors all heard these. Lots of shots for sure. Potomac Gardens is a trouble property and DCHA and MPD know it. Sincerely hoping that we get a meaningful response, this time.

    • Quigley

      Hope is all you’ll get. Nothing will be done.

  • anonymous

    Oh man. I always hate having to bike past Potomac Gardens on my way to Harris Teeter. This place is just overdue for being demolished. It is the most bizarre island of awfulness in the midst of things that have radically changed for the better in the past 10+ years. An anachronism that needs to go.

    • Alan

      You can’t just erase everyone in that entire community because you don’t like the actions of a few people. Work with Potomac Gardens residents, city government, and local nonprofits to improve conditions in PG. If you get out of your bubble, you’ll find there are organized groups of PG residents who want to improve conditions there. How about you help them out?

      • Mike

        chill, Alan. no one is advocating for the forceful removal of the people that live there, rather the demolition of the deplorable infrastructure that perpetuates the needless cycle of poverty and violence. PG housing and common areas urgently require refurbishment and renovation to build up and integrate the community. it’s current state resembles a prison and Ward 6 should be embarrassed.

      • anonymous

        Alan, it takes saintly people to continue working with PG. Those organized groups you speak of have existed in different forms for decades while apparently making little difference. Concentrated poverty and institutional projects like PG are failed experiments. They don’t build these dinosaurs anymore because the evidence shows they are an impossible and dangerous nuisance. I’m not a saint- I just want this disaster out of my neighborhood.

      • anon

        As one of several neighborhood residents who was attacked and beaten in broad daylight by a gang of Potomac Gardens’ finest when they were on a rampage back in 2009-2010, and seeing the police and city officials do absolutely nothing until it got so bad the local news and blogs finally started covering it (after a young woman walking by was punched in the face so hard it required having her jaw wired), I have not gone near that place since and there is nothing on earth that could get me to go near it again. When something has failed so spectacularly for so many years, and continues to cause problems in the neighborhood year after year, there is only one solution among sane and reasonable people. Unfortunately, sanity and reason are in short supply in DC.

        • SassyinDC(formerly)

          One of the primary reasons my husband and I chose to move to the Town of Clifton after 20 years of living in DC was due to an incident of being threatened with a brick being thrown in my face while sitting in my car at a stop light on Pennsylvania Ave. at the intersection where Potomac Gardens is located. This was entirely unprovoked. Oh, and my 7 year old daughter was in the back of the car.

  • Victoria Chamberlin

    Thank you for posting this. I can’t believe with that many eye-witnesses that this wasn’t in the news this morning. There were so many shots it sounded like fireworks.

    • anonymous

      I can believe it. There was a guy shot in the head in the same block a couple years ago. I only saw it mentioned on PoP. I was biking past the (unknown to me at the time) crime scene just 10 hours after the incident and later read about it on PoP that afternoon. There wasn’t a sign or clue anything bad had happened. It was like it was just swept under the rug.

    • Neighbor

      +1,000,000 it is almost as if nothing happened and we are supposed to carry on. The stories on the listserve are horrible, children (and adults) shouldn’t have to witness this much less have to be shielded. It’s amazing no one was injured. So sad.

    • TriniSoFlo

      It’s ludicrous that this isn’t anywhere on the news. Makes me wonder what kind of other incidents never get reported on. Thank you for posting this.

    • navyard

      +1. I saw Charles Allen’s tweet last night, but that was the only thing I heard about it. Checked local news, checked other list servs. Nothing. I thought I must have imagined his tweet.

      Even the MPD text alerts — nothing.

  • ET

    I heard that yesterday! I knew it was close and south of me (I live just south of Lincoln Park) and wondered but didn’t hear sirens going to the scene. There were 3 or so louder/deeper shops followed by something at a higher pitch that came faster and too fast to count.

  • EasternMarket1

    Curious if someone could direct me to how to sign up for the Hill east listserve? Thanks so much!

  • Hill dweller

    Potomac Garden is not the only trouble spot on the Hill. The Pentacle on 15th is also a source of gun fire. Several houses that back up to it have found bullet holes in there walls or cars. The cops are afraid to go in there. Last year there was a shoot out that started there and finished a block over. Luckily they were bad shots and only a car was shot.

  • Runlaurelrun

    I was sitting at the west bound bus stop at Penn and 13th SE, when it happened. I had just left the Watkins Rec fields. I just moved from that neighborhood to SW. I used to get on and off the bus at that stop everyday and this is the first time I witnessed something happen. It took 4 shots before I processed what was happening and sprinted from the bus stop to my old house by the Safeway.


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