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UFO spotted over U Street

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2017 at 10:00 am 21 Comments

Photo by J

Just kidding but damn it does look like one in this photo! Anyway, ATVs are back, apparently. J reports around 9:15pm Sunday night:

“Choppers looking for the ATVs I assume? This is from my deck near 13th and U.”

Brian reported hearing them a couple hours earlier on 14th Street. Anyone else see or hear ATVs last night?

  • anon

    Yes, they crossed R street headed down 14th @ 6.40 last night

  • Anon

    On Upshur by Roosevelt High School around 6:15.

  • JP

    Yeah every Sunday around 6:30pm the ride down 14th/T. So obnoxious.

  • d

    Worse. These choppers were looking for the perp in a triple shooting on the 700 block of Gresham. Don’t think they found him.

  • Tom

    U Street more like UFO Street amirite

    • C-

    • Anon

      I see Monday mornings are rough on everyone.

    • Truxton Thomas


    • ShawThroughtheHeart

      Favorite comment of the day. A+

  • Curious

    I wish they would use the chopper to track down the dirt bike hooligans.

    • Anon NS

      And do what with them? Considering DC doesn’t even punish people for mugging you or for breaking into your house – pretty sure they aren’t going to come down hard on the dirt bikers.

      • Jay

        … unless they have unpaid parking tickets!

      • Marty

        even if the punishment itself is less than satisfactory (to me), I’d be delighted if they seized the ATVs/bikes and crushed them for scrap metal.

      • MrE

        If the police know the time they come out (it’s always Sunday evening around 6 or 7 and has been for years), why can’t they follow them to where they come from and confiscate? Or create a roadblock since they tend to take the same route? Doing nothing has just increased the size of the group. It gets bigger every year.

  • M A S

    I filmed about 45 of them coming down Rhode Island last night just before 7pm. I’m on the Unit Block NE and they swarmed a car waiting at the light at Lincoln Rd NE.

    • M A S

      * just after 6pm sorry; I misread the time stamp.

  • neighbor

    I saw them going northbound on Georgia Ave @ Lamont – so unsafe and obnoxious! There was a cop following them but I wish MPD was allowed to do something!

    • The World Today

      I’m pretty sure the police can pull them over…it’s probably just a dangerous situation, e.g. 1 officer against 20+ kids who, seemingly, aren’t afraid of anything or anyone.

      The city has put a lot of effort into marketing campaigns and such to address the issue, including the “Bonu$ 2 Phone Us: Off Road” program (yes, that’s really the name) which you can win money from if you provide useful information (https://mpdc.dc.gov/node/1077262)

  • Reality

    I’ve seen them racing up New York Ave, circling cars, then offroading into fields/hills/trees at New York Ave and mt. olivet road. Totally obnoxious and dangerous. They also seemed annoyed and threatening to the actual cars on the road.


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