Today’s Rental is “Stunningly modern and perfectly located”

2030 8th Street NW

This rental is located at 2030 8th Street, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“$2975 / 1br – 800ft2 – Stunning 1bed/1bath corner unit in Shaw/U Street


Stunningly modern and perfectly located…. this 1 BR / 1 BA condo is available for rent in the boutique Atlantic Plumbing Condominium building just steps from the restaurants, night life, and retail of U Street. Located just one block from 9th and U Street you are within a moments walk to the U Street Metro, multiple bus lines, bikeshare, WeWork, and venues such as 9:30 Club, Nellies, Brixton, 801 Restaurant, Right Proper Brewery and more.

Newly constructed just 2 years ago, the property offers access fob security, full service reception, fully equipped on-site fitness center, reservable party room with kitchen, resident exclusive rooftop with fire pit, lounge chairs, grills, and more.

– Flexible, though ideally starting mid/late May or early June.

Unit Features:
– Amazing Southeast views
– Floor to ceiling windows flood the unit with light in every room
– High-End Bosch appliances (Dishwasher, Slide-Drawer Microwave, 4 Burner Glass Cooktop, and Convection Oven)
– Custom Elfa closet organizers in both the Bedroom and Hallway closets
– Glass enclosed over-size shower with rain shower head
– Laufen restroom fixtures
– Dimmer lighting controls in all living areas
– Pre-wired for Wall Mounted television in Living Room (Wall mount included!)
– Full-Size GE Washer and Dryer (easily fits large loads of towels, comforters, etc)
– Custom light gray grasscloth wall finishes throughout entry foyer and corridors
– Modern textured geometric accent wall in living room
– LED Under and Over-Cabinet accent lighting
– Stunning dark gray “barnwood”-look flooring throughout
– Pre-wired for Verizon FIOS for internet and TV

On-site reserved parking may be available for additional cost. Please inquire if interested.”

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  • LOLOLOLOL — 3K + utilities for a one bedroom where I get to watch people stumble home and vomit on the sidewalk? Pass.

    • Or you could be the one that stumbles home to your “stunningly modern and perfectly located” condo lol

      • Fair point. I retract two of my “LOLs”

        • 3K is still a lot of cash for a one bedroom….

          • ledroittiger

            Why are you repeatedly OutLouding anyway? You can’t be that surprised these places are going to be renting for that much given the trajectory of the neighborhood in recent years. Sure, it’s a bad deal, but not for the lawyers moving there in droves that would have LOLed any suggestion of even hanging out east of AdMo in 2010. In fact, half the reason they feel comfortable moving there is because the rent is so high. Let’em have it.

          • Considering this the price – over 3$k for a “junior one bedroom” rental across the street – I dont know that it is a lot of price is that crazy.

  • HAHAHAHAHA. This person has no idea what they’re doing, clearly.

    • Owner has 7 people viewing it this week. Thanks for your opinion though.

      • We live in a country where a large portion of the population just voted for Zaphod Beeblebrox to be President. Does it really surprise you that there are at least 7 people stupid enough to pay that much money for a 1br?

  • So I am nuts about this building – I love the outside of it (as well as the location), and have been curious about the units. This is a spectacular looking unit, with a fantastic view. That said, I think $3K for a one bedroom is quite high in DC (yes, I am aware of rental rates). I suspect we have an owner that bought and is trying desperately to cover the mortgage – not something that is often do-able on a new condo.

    • I suspect the owner is taking a bath on this unit charging less than 3k. I’m not positive, but I think this/similar unit went for something close to $800k.

      • I remember, not THAT long ago, when a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan sold for over $1M and it made national news. And that place had views of Central Park.

      • This unit was selling in the high $500s to low $600s.

        • I just looked it up – an identical unit is currently listed for $600k, with a $500 HOA, which Redfin estimates to cost ~$3,600/mo for PITI. $3K is still quite the discount (though not nearly as bad as I thought earlier). It’s listed as 740sqft (not 800).

          • Except that, as a renter, I give zero f***s about your mortgage payment. If you didn’t do the cashflow analysis in advance to figure out whether a market rent will cover your costs, not my problem.

        • Considering this the price – over 3$k for a “junior one bedroom” rental across the street – I dont know that the price is that crazy.

          • maxwell smart

            Which between the two, I would choose this building over The Shay hands-down. I don’t know who designed the floorplans for the units at The Shay, but they obviously had zero concept of how to furnish an apartment. There are several units in this building that would be nearly impossible to functionally layout even a small studio.

          • um no…I see $3,038 listed for a full 1br/1ba of 768 sq. ft at The Shay. A smaller 1br (580 sq ft) is listed at $2,378. Beyond that, two properties don’t make the market. Over $3K is exorbitant for a 1BR in Shaw.

  • It’s nice, but ugh 3k and it doesn’t even include parking. I could never spend that much on rent for a 1 bedroom, or really anything, but especially a 1 bedroom.

  • Pop, you got the ‘hood wrong, it’s “North End Shaw.” /s

    • Fake news.

      Also, there’s no f***ing way I’d spend the money to buy or rent that people are spending to live in this building. Admittedly it’s aesthetically more desirable on the outside than most of what gets built in this city, but the units on the inside are, short of the floor to ceiling windows, largely unimpressive and way WAY WAY overpriced. As this listing demonstrates.

  • maxwell smart

    As someone that lives in a basement 1 bedroom of similar size (but 4 miles North), sure… I’m envious of floor to ceiling windows and would love to have this much natural light and views (even if it’s drunk people watching… my view is bushes and squirrels). But not twice my monthly rent envious. Yeesh. If this is DC rents these days, guess I’ll be living in a basement forever.

  • In response to the price. I have to suspect this is one of those units where they expect a DINK couple to live. Under the idea that when you start to shack up, suddenly ~$1500 for a 1 bedroom is pretty doable?? Or perhaps for those lucky ducks whose work gives them a rental stipend??
    That being said, if I ever find someone I actually want to live with, I still can’t imagine the idea of BOTH of us spending that much on a rental. Any thoughts on this??

    • Hell no, I’m a DINK couple and we pay more than a $1000 less than this (for a different city granted, but just as expensive) and we also have a den (big enough for a small bedroom) , 2 full bathrooms, utilities included, parking, and a storage unit. We could afford a lot more in rent, but I prefer to save the money instead, eat out, and go on vacation. We will never spend that much on rent unless it was a rowhome.

    • soooo, I’m half of a DINK couple and we pay $3000 / mo. in rent. BUT we live in a 2BR 2.5 Bath split level condo (bottom two floors of a converted rowhouse – about 1250 sq feet), with a small private backyard and deck. We are just as close to a metro as this unit. Yea it is a lot of money, and yea it is preventing us for saving money for a down payment on a house. BUT we love having that much space — we have family members come in and stay with us at least every other month — and it works for us for now. Eventually we’ll leave DC for somewhere cheaper and we’ll buy then.

      • NH Ave Hiker

        I just moved in with my significant other in the Brookland area – our rent is $2500 but we also have two bedrooms, a full basement, two baths, a yard, and a parking area. I don’t think it’s too bad for DC prices (albeit a mile from the metro)

        • NH Ave Hiker

          and same for us, we’re not planning on staying in DC more than 1-2 more years.

        • right, and another part of how we rationalized it was we were both separately paying $1500 to live in studios before we moved in together. It would’ve been nice to save money by moving in together but instead we decided to prioritize having more space now even though it meant we are paying exactly the same.

      • God. I’m (soon to be) half of a DINK couple, and while apartment hunting in Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant, our argument has been whether to be responsible with a ~$2000 one-bedroom or to be comfortable with a ~$2500 one-plus-den or two bedroom.
        I can’t imagine spending $3000 for a one-bedroom to begin with, let alone one with such a cooking-hostile kitchen and a pillar in the middle of the living room.

    • I’m a DINK that lives in a high rise in Navy Yard. I just cursed out loud at my desk when i saw this post. And my building has an indoor pool. This is a terrible deal.

    • If there are two of you and you’re paying this for that, you need your heads examined. And you need to buy something instead. My 2br/2ba house mortgage was only $3300/mo and I didn’t put 20% down to get that. And I live 9 blocks away from this.

  • I found a dollar bill in the street in front of The Royal this morning that I just used to buy a package of Milano cookies from the vending machine, so I’m living large, too.

  • Normal people don’t live in these place. People with generous subsidies from the First National Bank of Mom and Dad do.

    • The U.S. is a big destination for foreign investment. If you face the possibility of running afoul of some autocrat (think China or Russia) and want to park your money somewhere safe, you buy real estate here. It’s not the poor folks in these countries investing in the U.S., which is why you see these insane prices. It would be interesting to see if this was an all-cash deal.

      • This is nonsense. An autocrat is not living in this dump.

        And I don’t think $3,000/mo is high for DC for anyone, whether supported by mom or dad or not. I do think it is a lot to spend on this shoebox.

        • Yeah, the issue is the value, not necessarily the price.

          • And, also, what autocrat only needs to park $3000 a month, in a *rental*?

          • No, that’s not what Anonymous means. Rich people living in autocratic regimes where the gov’t is likely to seize your assets for voting wrong might park their riches in real estate investment. Meaning they’re parking $800k (or whatever) in the value of the property. And then they try to recoup some by renting it out.
            An even bigger problem is when they’re too rich to care about recouping anything, and just sit on an empty property. There are new-construction buildings in London with million-dollar flats that are 100% sold and 80% vacant.

          • autocrats are definitely not renting out their apartments after they park their money there.

          • More than half of real estate transactions in Miami are all cash sales (down from nearly 70% a few years ago), and most of that is from foreign buyers. Lots of Russians, Chinese, and Latin Americans are buying condos in fancy new high rises with no intention of actually living in them or just to have as a back up if things go south back home.

    • Lots of foreign state department workers could probably swing this. I know when a FSO friend did his 2 year stint in Switzerland his housing allowance was something like 90k/year (which I think is the highest of any location).

  • It’s definitely not 800 square feet either. I just did the math and at best it’s 700 (hard to calculate the W/D and closet space by the front door), but more likely it’s around 680. That’s a lot of dough to pay for that much space…
    (Related note: I hate when people completely lie about the the size of the unit they’re trying to rent/sell)

  • yeah, it’s nice but is anyone else bothered by that pole in the middle of the room? bugs me . . . good thing I can’t afford it, lol

    • Didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out. Don’t all loft-style buildings have some sort of visible structural support? I don’t think it’s terrible because it’s a partition between the living and dining areas. But I guess it does cut down on the possibilities of how to use that big open space.

    • Those poles drive me nuts, too – wouldn’t want to live with one.

    • That’s just how some foreign investors like their stripper poles.

  • looks nice, i’ve spent money on stupider things than a well-outfitted apartment in a good location with great views.

    • Well if you think this unit is those things, no one is surprised to hear this.

      • if you don’t think this apartment is those things, you’re delusional. you can’t argue with the views or the finishings really (yes, i get that bosch isn’t viking, but it’s still pretty nice), so you just don’t like the location? well too bad. it’s a hot spot right now, and a nice vibrant place to rent for a bit, regardless of duponter’s opinion.

        • Chevrolet made Corvettes and Chevettes, if you know what I mean.

        • Well outfitted? Your kitchen is in your living room. I’m not delusional. Congrats, you can enjoy cooking from your couch. And the views themselves are not actually great. The windows are great, yes, but what is great about the views? In the photos, you can see Howard Univ. Hospital. Congrats. Cook your ramen from your couch while staring at the worst run down hospital in DC.

          • HaileUnlikely

            You can look out the windows and *literally* look down on the poor suckers about to be treated at or visit loved ones there.

        • To be fair, if this was about 300-400 square feet bigger with an actual separated (at least by distance) kitchen, I’d say you’d be mostly right (minus the views, which I don’t think you can change).

        • it looks to me like it looks over the hospital, and across the city. i’d qualify those as nice views. don’t totally get your thing about the kitchen, but i see the point, even if it doesn’t bother me. anyways, i still stick to my previous statement, slightly modified, so as to appease duponter, i’ve spent money on worse things than *overpaying* for a pretty nice little apartment.

  • “Highway Robbery”

  • So much envy in these comments.

    • Resenting wealth is a time-honored tradition.

      • I don’t think it’s envy/resentment — I think most posters just don’t think this particular combination of location, space, finishes, etc. justifies the asking rental price.
        Plenty of times, postings about rentals or places for sale get reactions like “I could never afford this, but it’s beautiful” or “I wish I could win the lottery and live here.” Chalking any criticisms of expensive places up to envy sounds rather defensive.

        • I’m simply excusing the act of resenting the wealthy for their wealth. I’m certainly guilty of it.

        • Exactly. I envy quite a few of the properties shown on this site, and I’m not shy about it.
          If I found myself in a Brewster’s Millions type scenario where I HAD to spend $3k a month on rent, a closet/fishbowl with views of a parking lot would be way low on my list of options.

          • Brewster’s Millions is one of my favorite movies. And you can spend hours afterwards thinking about what you’d do in that (albeit absurd) situation.

          • You can spend DECADES afterwards thinking about it… 🙂

    • Really–an ugly building with a misrepresented unit at a ridiculous price? It’s just so easy to mock. Plus the high utility bills that come from having floor to ceiling windows.

    • I make plenty of money and pay a great deal more than $3,000/month for an actual house, so no, I’m not the slightest bit envious of an overpriced shoebox apartment with views of parking lots and a McDonalds.

      • Counterpoint….the views won’t be parking lots for long! Soon they too will be grossly overpriced condos!

    • Envy? How about common sense. As mentioned, $3K is not an extreme amount of money to spend on rent in DC. However, it’s a ridiculous sum for a mediocre 1BR in a mediocre neighborhood.

      • maxwell smart

        “$3K is not an extreme amount of money to spend on rent in DC” – REALLY? For a 1-bedroom apartment!? No.

        • Did you even read my complete post? Especially that last bit about it being a ridiculous price for a mediocre 1BR.

          • maxwell smart

            But you said it’s not extreme for DC, and since we are talking about a 1 bedroom apartment, without additional clarification, one can only assume that you meant that $3K is not an extreme amount of money for a 1-bedroom in DC, regardless of the merits of said 1 bedroom apartment. I’ll give you $3K might be a perfectly reasonable rent for a multi-bedroom apartment, a row house, or single-family home. But I think we can all agree that this rent for a 1 bedroom apartment, regardless of area of town and design of building and/or interiors, is fairly steep.

          • You’re awfully argumentative for someone who is in complete agreement with my point. $3K is not an exorbitant amount of money for rent in DC. It is a ridiculous amount for a 1BR in Shaw. I have no idea why you filled in the rest with some kind of imaginary words I never said.

      • What mediocre neighborhood are you referring to?

  • higher rent than my 1 bedroom duplex on the UES in Manhattan. Wild!

  • Love this building. Say what you will about the price, and agree with it or not, given what is being asked for and successfully leasing in the neighboring Shay and Atlantic Plumbing apartments for the same size or smaller spaces, this is fair market priced. I looked at both those places before ending up in Petworth for less, but I can’t fault the owner for pricing according to what is successfully leasing nearby.

    • Do we know they are succesfully leasing though? Are the buildings both full at that same price per square foot? Yes, they advertise that, but are they getting it?

      • That’s a good point.

        • Great question, but both buildings look pretty lit up when ive walked by at night so theyre clearly occupied and if theyre getting people in the door to lease by advertising those prices, theres clearly people looking, interested, and willing to pay that amount, or to at least consider it. Whether they are leasing for the listed amount or not, hard to tell, but ive personally never had much success negotiating rents down in a big building…. most I ever got was a month free rent at my last place and that was in a pretty old building.

      • Right, plus the free month’s rent and all the other incentives some of these buildings are offering make me wonder just how “successful” they’ve been w/ the leasing…

  • the thing that appeals to me most about the unit is the decor and paint.

  • 3k for a 1 bedroom? Unless you are already invested in the city, how do you even consider this is a place to start a family. Not even taking into account the schools and violence, just housing and childcare, it is totally crazy.

    • I agree, why bother with DC when you can live in NYC for the same price. DC used to be a nice alternative to the Big Apple because you could save money for a down payment and buy your own place after a few years. Seems the value proposition of living here is dwindling. That said, good luck finding a 400k one bedroom in Manhattan, and those are readily available here.

      • I own property in this neighborhood and NYC and I can tell you NYC is still a lot more expensive.

      • I agree. There was a time when I thought I might buy a place and climb the real estate ladder in DC, but for various reasons I missed out on that window of opportunity. The new, bourgie DC that buildings like this and all the related dumb restaurant/bar concepts represent really doesn’t appeal to me anyway.

    • maxwell smart

      Yep – this is why almost all of my coworkers within a year of having kids, quit and move to cities with lower costs of living. Chasing that millennial money has it’s downsides.

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