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  • joel miller

    Washington City Paper site has them winning both seafood AND best restaurant? http://legacy.washingtoncitypaper.com/bestofdc/poll/foodanddrink/2017


  • N

    I dont think I understand the issue?

    • Tsar of Truxton

      You don’t see an issue with Hot N Juicy Crawfish being named the Best Restaurant in DC?

      • N

        Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner. Hot N Juicy Crawfish was the actual winner.

        • Anon NS

          “I don’t get it. Faye Dunaway is a woman. Hot N Juicy is a restaurant.”

        • textdoc

          Yeah, I don’t think this qualifies as a “Faye Dunaway” instance either. Hot N Juicy Crawfish was apparently the actual winner, so it’s not an apt comparison.
          Whether it _deserves_ to have been named the winner is entirely another question, and I think it’s pretty clear the answer to that one is no.

          • textdoc

            I should mention that I’ve never eaten here and that the name wasn’t really on my radar, but I do see a bunch of comments here saying that it’s actually really good (albeit maybe not the “best”). So maybe I’ll check it out.

          • Obviously not – it was a joke that didn’t play well. I’d sure love to see a Best of banner flying high over Rose’s Luxury one day…

          • Anon NS

            For the record, I got it and thought it was funny.

      • shmoo

        according to the washington city paper best of 2017 readers poll, this is actually true though.

      • dcd

        Of course not. Does Komi have fried mozzarella sticks? Does Fiola Mare? Pineapple & Pearls? Bad Saint? No they don’t. Hot N Juicy Crawfish is the clear winner.
        This is a good illustration of the dangers of an online poll. Either the City Paper was the victim of a concerted campaign, or people really and truly are idiots.

        • Cleveland Park runner

          For what it’s worth, Hot n Juicy is wildly popular. Hot n Juicy routinely has a 2+ hour wait. It’s not fancy, but it’s delicious and reasonably priced. That’s what qualifies as best for many people.

          • dcd

            Is it? I’ve never been, but I get a little nervous when there are no prices on the online menu. Given the locations, it seems like a tourist-focused chain (other than Falls Church?!?), which doesn’t typically bode well for food quality.

          • MadMax

            I’ve only been to the one in Falls Church but it’s legit good.

          • stacksp

            +1 Hot and Juicy is crazy delicious. I guess its not pretentious enough.

          • Look, I truly and genuinely fucking love Taco Bell. I also can recognize that it is not the best restaurant in DC despite my passionate love for it.

          • MadMax

            It’s definitely not the best restaurant, but I honestly find its win less offensive than The Park being named Best Bar.

        • Kingman Park It

          Don’t think it was a campaign… Five Guys won best burger, and &Pizza won best pizza.

          I’m not hating on either establishment, but they clearly aren’t the best of their category in the city.

          • Bryan

            You should hate away. Five guys is pretty crappy and &Pizza is an abomination.

            While I am surprised that this place won, I feel like only people here who have actually eaten at the restaurant are in any position to comment on this. On that, this place is fan freaking tastic.

        • Boom

          Funny how someone can make the claim “the City Paper was the victim of a concerted campaign, or people really and truly are idiots” without having ever been to the establishment in question.

          Seems like voters are basing their votes on their own personal experiences…seems pretty reasonable and non-idiotic to me

          • dcd

            You’re right, I should be more open minded. After all, there’s no reason that a restaurant where the two cooking methods available appear to be (i) dunk food in vat of boiling water and (ii) dunk food in vat of boiling oil couldn’t be the best restaurant in DC.
            Oh, wait . . . yes there is. Look, I’m sure it’s tasty. Enough people whose opinion I respect on this board have suggested that it’s good that I likely will try it out soon (though I’m not waiting for two hours). But calling it the best restaurant in town is just preposterous.

    • stacksp

      I thought I was the only one which is why I hesitated to post anything.

  • Neil

    And congrats to &pizza for their seven wins as best fast casual gluten free late night downtown pizza lunch for kids when you pay! Oy.

    • MadMax

      It’s a good thing Amsterdam Falafel secured the best falafel category, what a cliffhanger that was.

      • FridayGirl


  • MtP

    I’m shocked. The place is always PACKED, but I assumed it was all tourists from the hotels and the zoo. This isn’t even a top ten restaurant in the mile radius!

    • Emily

      I nominate Tono Sushi.

      • Glover Park

        I laughed out loud at that. Tono’s patio is pretty great.

  • MadMax

    This poll has WAY too many categories, and many more questionable choices than this one. Clearly about 4 people knew this was going on and just voted for the same spots over and over. What a useless disaster.

    • They sold their soul so they can sell these cheap vinyl banners.

      • John


  • A. Nony Mouse

    Those CityPaper polls are all about who can get the most friends to stuff the ballot box for them. I know someone who probably did a comedy show a year in DC and got best DC comedian.


    I LOVE this place. So good, and not fancy with a $$$$$ price tag to match. Just real good food in a low key setting.

  • iwdc

    I love that the runners up were Rose’s Luxury and Pineapples & Pearls. One of these things is not like the others…

    • OP Anon

      That’s amazing. lolz.

    • dcd

      If they add an entire menu category entitled “Fried Baskets,” maybe next year they can take the leap.

  • anon

    I didn’t realize the City Paper still existed.

    • ColHeist

      You are sorely missing out, my friend. Their recent coverage of housing issues in DC has been fantastic. The Best of DC issue is clearly all about marketing, but their daily coverage of local issues is great. Highly recommend following their Housing Complex reporter, Andrew Giambrone.

    • Anonthony

      They have their ups and downs. They’re doing some great journalism at the moment. I don’t know who’s running the show there these days; they’ve had some really good editors there over the years, but they’ve also had some horribly bad ones.

    • andy

      City Paper is great, but this pretty much proved that these online poll-based “best of” lists are worthless.

      BUT eating a mess of messy crawfish is still fun, etc.

      • CHGal

        These dumb “best of” lists probably provide the funds for their great reporting (via advertising and driving hits to the website), so I’ll tolerate it.

  • AdMoRez

    Hot and Juicy is NASTY! There is a persistent ROACH problem! It’s so bad, that I had 2 cockroaches that tried to jump on my table while eating crawfish. The table wasn’t touching the wall, and the roach was crawling off of the wall. It literally tried to do an acrobatic move by swinging its body to jump off the weall onto the table. I alerted the waiter who just swept it away. 5 minutes later, ANOTHER ROACH came crawling though! At this point, I just threw down my napkin and said I’m done here. Here’s the catch, they only reduced the check by 15%!! Which is nothing. If you go on yelp, and type in “roach”, you will see this is a problem that has been going on for YEARS! Even more disgusting, is previously they gave 20% off for roach sightings, but I guess they are so common, reduced it to 15% for when a roach tries to do a wall-jump onto your food. Stay away, I’m sure “roaches” are part of their boil in there.

    • MadMax


      • Anon NS



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