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  • MS

    I saw this one yesterday down by the ballpark! How do you get into it? And what happens when you hit a pothole??

    • Anonthony

      If you hit a pothole, you get out the checkbook. Those wheels are probably worth many times what the car itself is worth.

  • Ally

    Would be awesome if it belonged to the Mom in the back of the photo, pushing the stroller. No minivan for her!

  • Anon

    This must have one hell of a turning radius!

  • PFlyer

    My prediction: The next photo candidate for “Damn!! Why is my car up on blocks and where the hell are my wheels?!?!?”

    • northeazy

      Pretty sure the owner of this car is a known entity in his neighborhood and anyone who stole his wheels would be signing their own death warrant.

      • anon

        so, not only horrible taste, but also a murderous thug? great.

      • Anon

        This is pure conjecture of highly questionable intent.

        • anon

          It is, but there’s something to the idea that people can be known to the neighborhood. I am a gentrifier in NE DC and I order something online 3-4 times a week – often from Saks, Bloomingdales (no tax in DC!), Amazon, etc. I’ve literally never had anything stolen off my porch. Folks who know who I am and they don’t mess with me. I’ve also never had my car broken into.

          • PFlyer

            Which raises the age old question: Are you left alone because you are feared, or respected?

  • James

    This person lives in my neighborhood and is not well known to all of us.

  • illinoisandjefferson

    i saw this car at the gas station right there on saturday. pretty sure the owner is a female.


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