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“At Siren by Robert Wiedmaier within The Darcy hotel, the dining room has a jaunty nautical air, and the menu is driven by the whims of wind and currents as they affect the availability of the world’s most delectable seafood”

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2017 at 10:30 am 24 Comments

1515 Rhode Island Ave, NW

From a press release:

“At Siren by Robert Wiedmaier within The Darcy hotel, the dining room has a jaunty nautical air, and the menu is driven by the whims of wind and currents as they affect the availability of the world’s most delectable seafood. As an avid fisherman, Wiedmaier is reeling in the kinds of trophy fish that deserve that sacred spot on the living room wall. When Siren opens in late April 2017, it will bring a distinctly salty breeze to the Rhode Island Avenue corridor between Washington, DC’s Dupont and Logan Circles.

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courtesy Siren

Each day’s catch will inspire its own preparation method in the hands of seasoned chef Robert Wiedmaier and Brian McBride, his corporate chef and partner, who has been the key person for on-the- ground, day-to-day leading support for the development of Siren. From open waters to open skies and fields, the menu is prepared according to the conviction that artful flavors and presentation should entice the palate and please the senses. In collaboration with Wiedmaier and McBride, the newest member of the team and incoming executive chef John Critchley [formerly of Bourbon Steak and Brine, most recently], will steer the menu towards global and local seafood, hearty- to spring-like vegetables and ancient grains. Less concerned with a conventional order of courses than with a delectable progression of flavors, Wiedmaier adds that “If guests would like to start with a whole fish and follow that up with caviar, we’re right there with them; if they want nothing but an array of small plates, the world is their oyster!”

Seafood is the main event at Siren, and Wiedmaier and McBride respond to the constant shifts in obtainable product with heightened creativity. Their small, constantly evolving menu allows for a free diver in Bangor, Maine, for example, to send down to DC the ten sea urchins he brought up that morning: ten fortunate guests will enjoy them, and then it’s over – until the next windfall from the sea. The deliberate choice to work with a select few of the finest ingredients ensures that quality will never give way to quantity. The kitchen is nimble, with a pantry of house-made ingredients ready and waiting, from preserved lemons and limes, to air dried beef, to salted fish, all to best enhance the marine delicacy that will arrive any given day.

Raw bar offerings, chilled poached seafood, piquant ceviches, and exquisite tastes of sashimi, are prepared from displays in the open presentation kitchen. Cocktails reflect the spirit of the exotic spice and rum trade. A comprehensive wine list provides ideal pairings for the ever-shifting menu, as well as excellent stand-alone choices. Seasonal fruit-forward desserts complement the savory side of the menu with a light finish.

Siren’s interior has the rich, mysterious color of the deep, brightened by the brass-trimmed allure of a polished captain’s quarters. Vintage seafaring tattoo designs and murals of mermaids introduce a playful risqué note, and many an evening, the strains of live jazz waft throughout the restaurant, as seductive as the song of the Siren.

Serving dinner seven days a week and weekend brunch [starting late April / early May], Siren beckons you with the promise of a culinary excursion like no other…”

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      • soozles

        #culinary excursion

  • Anon

    Damn, how did I not hear about this earlier? That’s quite the promotion for Tom Faison – he went from writing RE blurbs to penning PR for a large restaurant group in no time flat! Congrats, Tom!

    • Angry Parakeet

      Excellent catch

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  • ustreetmayor

    To sum up what they have so eloquently said in five paragraphs. …… There’s a new seafood restaurant opening in the Holiday Inn at Logan Circle. Go check it out. The menu looks good. …..The End

  • BN

    Wow, I really can’t deal with this description. Pretentious much? My parents used to stay at this hotel when it was a Double Tree…think this place might be a bit too fancy for them now.

  • Angry Parakeet

    Let’s hope they sent their free-spearer into the Potomac and bring back an elusive snakehead.

    • Ben

      Thip Khao had (still has?) snakehead on the menu. Thought that was neat of them

      • MsSunshine

        And it’s delicious!

      • elbeech

        Seasonally. I’m not sure if it’s back on the menu yet. And yes, it is delicious!

  • MadMax

    ROFL I don’t think the winds will be blowing me this way, even though I’m a fan of RW’s food.

  • Happy to hear they will have both “global” and “local” seafood.

  • MsSunshine

    Only one urchin per person, please.

    • dcd

      The real question is, will the urchins be permitted to roam around the dining room, annoying other diners and causing a safety issue?

      • MsSunshine

        And will there be changing tables for them in the bathroom?

  • Rich

    It’s a tired old postwar apartment building (the elevator areas and floor indicators were the giveaway) that became a Doubletree with some very odd rooms and meetings paces. Now it’s something out of Jane Austen, but probably still a tired c.1950 apartment building on an unlovable stretch of RI Ave just the same, with or without the celeb chef and the pretentious prose. It will be interesting what they have to say the first time they flunk a health inspection.

  • jaseguy30

    I will make an effort to NOT eat here because of the press release.

  • AMDCer

    Keep the chefs, fire the marketing guy…

  • jim_ed

    Pfft. Unless my waiter is dying of scurvy, its just not authentically nautical for me.

  • MsSunshine

    Meanwhile, are “spring-like” vegetables coiled?

  • CHSC

    I live next door and I’m just looking forward to the construction being over and some liveliness returning to that restaurant space.


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