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Gunshot Smashes “fourth story bedroom window” at 6th and O St, NW; MPD Reports shooting at 4th and N St, NW; Readers Report 20+ Police Cars and Helicopter Response in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth April 6, 2017 at 6:00 am 16 Comments

1400 block of 6th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Crazy night here at 6th and O NW for second straight night.

Attaching photo of a gunshot in my fourth story bedroom window from tonight.

We think it hit around 830/9pm. There was some kind of police chase and the suspects escaped by hoping fence into our backyard and then our neighbors.

Police are still investigating. Thankfully I wasn’t home but still scary. Sounds like insurance may cover damage but curious if others have tips for how to handle?”

Popville bullet

MPD reports:

“The Third District is currently investigating a shooting in the 400 block of N Street NW. Motorists and pedestrians should avoid the area due to road closures as we investigate.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

Since MPD reports 4th and N, not clear if this is one in the same or two separate incidents. Tons of reports sent to us on twitter last night starting around 9pm. Seems like 4th and N was just before 9 and then another incident at 6th and O around 9:30pm? Twitter timeline after the jump.

Updates when more is known.

  • N St neighbor

    I live on the 400 block of N. There were 15-20 gunshots between 8:45-8:50 in the co-op parking lot on that block. I was sure they were fireworks because they were so rapid/random in sequence (have been on the block quite a while and am pretty familiar with the difference). Neighbor speculation that it might have been automatic weapons. The police responded quickly and there were probably two dozen cops, cars, canines, the whole nine yards there within 20 minutes. We didn’t see evidence of anyone injured/hit. We were out with neighbors and heard the second series of gunshots in the distance about 9:15 – sounded like several blocks to the west, around 7th/O, about six shots. Not automatic. Within a minute, about half the cops who had been working the 400 N scene ran to their cars and took off for the second scene.

  • ShawThroughtheHeart

    Hopefully no one was hit. Was crazy last night, when I got home that copter was circling a very small area, so must’ve been a quick response right after the shooting.

    • Mt PP

      I heard the shots at 6th and O around 9:30 last night–people were running from the corner to the other side of the building on P street. There was a cop on a motorcycle flying down the sidewalk about a minute later. So quick response…I just really hope this summer isn’t a repeat of 2015 :(

  • Kingman Park

    Some blocks never change. Hope nobody was hurt.

  • Barijho

    It has only gotten slightly warmer, I hope it’s not signs of things to come.

  • Jay

    Sorry to hear about the window. Last night was serious. The police were heavily armed, the police dogs were out searching the O Street allies between 5th and 6th and the helicopter circled for about an hour or so. I heard the shots fired around 9:30 and the police responded before I even connected that it was gun shots.

    This happens EVERY year though. I’m sure you can dig through past posts to find this same conversation. It is all centered around the Gibson Plaza Apartments and the Kennedy Rec. Center. The police have been parked outside of the rec. center for the past couple of weeks. Obviously it did little to deter the violence last night. Someone will end up being killed in a week or two and then it will quite down for maybe a month or so…

    What happened to the jobs program the mayors office was going to start in the neighborhood to fix this problem???

  • Sleepy

    I live across the street from the Kennedy Rec Center park at 6 and P and was home for everything. I’ve been hoping DC Police would release more information about what the what happened last night but nothing. So here’s what we saw and heard from street level:

    Around 8:45 pm there was a long burst of quick-succession pops that lead to the first wave of the usual warm weather game: “firecrackers or gunfire?” while waiting for inevitable sirens that would signal the latter. Sirens rolled through and then DC PD posted on twitter that there had been a shooting at the 400 block of N St NW along with a lookout, which made sense from where we heard the sounds. Then somewhere between 9 and 9:15 p.m. we suddenly heard, much much closer to us, another series of about 6-10 pops and a man’s voice forcibly yell “GET ON THE GROUND.” Those 20 cop cars that folks from around the area were reporting all came streaming into the 6th and O St intersection, circling the block and shutting down streets. We saw a couple officers running on foot and then the whole neighborhood was basically saturated with lights, cops, and that helicopter from about 9:15 to 10 pm. The helicopter kept shining the light on the 6th and 0 St corners. I can tell you something happened at 6th and 0 St because that’s where they were all centered and that’s where we saw the officers on foot run to.

    Curious if anyone from the neighborhood but on other corners can fill in the gaps.

    • Jay

      I believe the individuals involved in the second round of shots (I thought I heard yelling after the second round of shots) fled and were hiding in one of the alleys along O Street between 5th and 6th Street. The police searched that old abandoned house by the liquor store and the alleys on either side of the O Street. The police dog seemed to following a trail but didn’t turn anything up. Those alleys have so many ins and outs though I am sure they were able to easily escape.

  • brizeee

    Sounds like they need to bring the tent back to 6th and O.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Wife and I were walking back from a work event down in Chinatown, it was at least 15-20 shots, all in very quick succession and what sounded like some return fire. The Police were MOVING to get to this, and there were units all over the Shaw neighborhood. Good response by the Police- I was interested to see Allen mention that there was a Dismounted Officer in the neighborhood that was less than a block away and responded on foot. Anyone that lives around the Shaw Metro, and for that matter Shaw is familiar with the dismounted patrols they do- looks like that will be stepped up again this summer, good to see. Im amazed that with that amount of gunfire no one was hit…wait, no Im not there wasnt an innocent person walking by.

    • LCPolo18

      I drove by 6th and O at 8:15 PM last night and there was definitely an MPD officer walking the block at that time doing patrol.

    • MPD 8

      By dismounted patrol you mean foot beat?

  • Anonymous

    On the insurance question, you might want to quickly price it out and figure out if you want to make a claim. I had a break in including a broken window, and made a claim. Looking back at what the window repair itself was, it wouldn’t have been worth making the claim (with deductible/increased rates) if it had been just the window repair. But your window may be different.

  • carrots

    I live down N, closer to New Jersey. Cops were everywhere last night and this morning as I left for work. A couple of cops were walking on the lawn in the second northwest co-op homes this morning. It’s been an eventful few days.

    I also passed a large fight outside of the park on N st. (between 6th and 7th) on my drive home last night involving a large group of girls. It was absolutely insane to see in person. Probably totally unrelated, but contributes to the atmosphere.

    • SeenInShaw

      I have called the police about the illegal activities that occur in the park between 6th and 7th on N street (I noticed there is no name for the park posted outside of it?) many, many times. I thought the revolving gate/door was installed that it would cut down on the drug consumption and unsavory activities, but it has not. After the park is locked in the evening, the folks just hang out right outside of it or in the little parking lot across the street behind Gibson Plaza Apts, blasting music and and drinking. If I am walking east, I avoid N street all together.

  • nick

    Thanks for tips folks. This was my bedroom window. Wasn’t home when it happened but scary to see the bullet hole right next to where I usually sit on the couch and play guitar. Lived in this house for 10 years and there have been so many shootings out front and between 6th 7th on O ST in that time. Nervous about what this means for the spring/summer season because I feel like it was getting better before last summer.

    Cops were great in response. Definitely a lot of confusion (and didn’t help that this was the second shooting in front of the house in 24 hours). Sounds like the suspects hopped our back fence and headed toward 5th street. Crazy.


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