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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: On my couch, in my jammies because it’s spring break!
    Revel: Atlantic City on Wednesday!
    Revel: Can actually afford to go because I made a bunch of money driving for Lyft this weekend
    Rant: My rating keeps dropping
    Rant: Far enough into the Passover holiday where I can think about is pizza and pasta and cake.

    • Can I ask how significant your Lyft earnings are? I drove for uber a while ago but saw earnings vs. time/money spent drop when pool came to DC and just stopped. Every once in a while I consider picking it up again on the weekends but I don’t know…

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: So exhausted.
    Rave: Middle Zelda has decided on University of Maryland!

  • Rant – every time I come to Europe to visit a friend I get drop dead sick. This time its a nasty chest cold.

    Rant – My friend’s kids are so cute, but very trying. Which makes her sometimes say very mean things to them. Last year it was “If you keep acting like that I’m going to make you live with another family”. This year it’s “If you keep doing that, I’m cancelling your birthday party”. Frankly, no matter what she’s yelling, she’ll never follow through (even if it is something more lenient like “if you keep running around the store, you’ll have to sit in the basket.” I would never address the not following through, but there is a big part of me that wants to say something about the mean ones. Kids absorb that stuff. And I see her kids look like they think she doesn’t love them in that moment. But, I’m not a parent, so I’m pretty sure she’ll tell me that I don’t know anything and to stay out of it.

    Rave – headed down to hang out at the kid’s birthday party for a bit until I feel like I need to go back to napping.

    • Your instinct on your friend’s kids is right. I grew up in fear that I would be sent away to, like, reform school jail – but then, my mother grew up in Ireland where kids were sent away for being normal kids (see Magdalene homes) so she could make the threat in a way that totally sounded believable and like it could be done, because it truly was to her, and it was. So yes, I grew up feeling like she didn’t love me – the times when she acted like she did felt so fake and insubstantial compared to the threatening mom.
      If they have a great relationship and the kids are older and totally know she is really kidding, it could be OK, but your description doesn’t sound like what you are seeing. It is sad, really, to see kids treated that way.

    • I read what you think is mean to say to a kid, and I think you probably would have called CPS on my parents.

      • There’s a big difference between calling CPS and thinking about ways to try to get your friends to see that they could be treating your children better, for the kids’ health and for their own future relationhip with their kids. Not that they will listen often – parents can be really stupid about such things. Like when I tried to quietly ltell my friend not to hit her kids – that it wasn’t good for them. She’s a doctor and you think she’d understand that many, many studies have shown the damage of hitting kids, but no. Parents are really on power trips to think that they can abuse their kids in front of you and not expect you to have a reaction, an opinion – I mean, would you stand by silently if they verbally abused or hit another adult friend, or an elderly parent? I don’t think so – so why they expect you to do so when they are abusive to their kids is a mystery to me.

        • I’m thinking it may help to have some sympathy and offer the friend (both in OP’s case and anon’s case) some support rather than judgement, even if the intentions are good. It’s entirely possible that they are exhausted but don’t want to look like can’t deal, and so they end up saying mean things. (Then again, who doesn’t let things like “I’m going to cancel your birthday party” slip sometimes?) There could also be cultural aspects at play.
          I’m not saying I agree with the actions of either of the parents both anons mention, but to have a little more compassion and empathy along with the concern.

          • Look, I’ve taken care of unruly, downright bratty kids – but you don’t take your anger out on people who are smaller and less powerful then you, no matter how on your last nerve they are getting. That’s the difference between my parents generation and younger ones – we know it isn’t good to threaten kids, and thus can actually control ourselves.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Anon – the logic on your last sentence doesn’t quite hold. Hardly anybody who takes their anger out on others (their parents, their co-workers, their kids, the bus cashier, whoever) actually thinks that it is productive; lack of self-control is not caused by lack of knowledge of empirical evidence supporting or refuting the efficacy of angry outbursts. That’s not how humans work.

          • Haile, many people think losing control and yelling at or hitting children (and others, like elderly parents, or employees, for example, with the yelling part anyway) is perfectly within their rights and a reasonable way to manage and control children, employees, and other people.

          • HaileUnlikely

            No fair, you moved the goal post. Up further, you seemed to be talking about scientific knowledge. Now you’ve moved on to knowledge/awareness of social norms. In any event, I think what you are saying, aggregating across all posts and then overgeneralizing a bit, is that being mean to people is a.) ineffective in achieving desired outcomes, b.) harmful to the people you’re mean to, and c.) socially unacceptable. Is that basically it? If so, I can’t argue with any of that. My only quibble is that I’ve never come across a meanie who would cease to be a meanie if only they knew those things.

          • “My only quibble is that I’ve never come across a meanie who would cease to be a meanie if only they knew those things.”
            This, and my point was that certainly pointing out that they’re a meanie isn’t going to make anyone nicer. Usually it has the opposite effect, no matter the intended outcome.

          • Many parents are not consciously meanies, but fall into unconscious patterns of their own parents when stressed. Many younger people know this is wrong (unlike my depression-era parents generation), even if they make excuses for it when challenged. That is why pointing it out to them can work to change their behavior – it makes them stop and think about it.

        • As a general rule, if your comment is in the “In my opinion, you could be doing a better job of parenting here…” category (which I think yours were), then you are better off keeping your mouth shut. Unsolicited advice is appreciated by exactly zero people.
          (No, I’m not saying you should sit idly by while a child is abused. If there is abuse, intervene. But it it’s a different parenting style that you think is better, as opposed to someone else’s perfectly legal parenting style…mind your business and zip it.)

          • HaileUnlikely

            In fairness to anon, I find the dissonance between the old adage of “it takes a village” and the 21st century educated urbanite “Mind your own GD business” kind of jarring, and I really do believe our collective swing so far toward the latter does a disservice both to children and to the parents who espouse the “Mind your own GD business” ethic to the point of not being open to any well-intentioned input from anyone about anything. That said, I do think anon is being kind of ridiculous here.

          • Abuse of various kinds (physical, verbal, and emotional) is perfectly legal everywhere in this country – only the very extreme forms are not. If you have a relationship with children who you see being abused, even if legally, you have a moral obligation to those children you have a relationship to try to get their parents to see reason and the error of their ways, whether your words are welcome or not – at least your words may make them think later even if they don’t want to hear them at the time they are spoken.

    • “If you keep acting like that I’m going to make you live with another family” sounds pretty much beyond the pale to me. Threatening to take away a kid’s privilege/treat/whatever is one thing, but threatening to actually give the kid away??

      • It doesn’t seem that bad to me? Is it the best? No. But it’s certainly not the worst – depending on delivery. I guess I could see that said in a way that seemed like teasing, based on tone. I feel like my parents said stuff like that – and that’s not what traumatized me.
        Truthfully, I think if you think that’s cutting, you had a much better childhood than basically 99% of people. Which is great! I hope I can be that type of parent. But I don’t think it’s realistic to think that most parents don’t lose patience, temper, etc. at least a time or two in 18 years.

      • The connection I’m having difficulty making in this chain is the leap between mean and abusive. The OP referred to meanness but then a responding anon referred to abuse. The birthday party thing is whatever, and I totally agree that the “I’m going to make you live with another family” thing is unnecessarily mean — but I don’t think either even approach being abusive. (Not that you were saying this, textdoc — but I think we’re all talking on separate wavelengths.)

    • Parents that curse at their kids really rub me the wrong way. All belligerent and loud in Target or some other public place. I feel so bad for the kid regardless of what he did. That and parents that smoke while walking/driving their kid to school.

  • Rave: Trying to wait patiently to hear if I’m allowed to work abroad for a few weeks this summer. I got an offer but because of staffing shortages, approval has to go up the chain beyond direct my direct supervisor this year. I’ve never gotten to travel for work before even though I’ve been with my agency going on 4 years now. Fingers crossed. I really want to go….
    Rant: The doctor didn’t call my mom until late last week, and she wasn’t home. So we’re still waiting for biopsy results. Gah.
    Unknown: Matched with someone interesting on Tinder, but he went on vacation like the day after we matched and so we didn’t talk more than a few brief exchanges. Thinking the match might be meaningless by the time he gets back. To add to the mystery, Tinder had a glitch (?) this weekend and said I got a message from him, but I looked and there was nothing new. Odd.

  • Rave: Boston marathon live streaming this morning! Weather looks a little warm, but otherwise decent.
    Rave: Cannot believe how hot it was yesterday, for April.
    Rave: Dog got a clean bill of health from the vet, just has some joint deterioration which is expected for his condition at his age. Big sigh of relief.

  • Rave: Nice time catching up with my uncle, who I feel like I hardly ever get to see. We hosted Easter lunch/dinner (Linner?) and everyone had to jet soon afterwards, but my uncle stayed to help me finish cleaning up and then just talking for hours. It was really nice and insightful.
    Rave: Trying a different, more New-Age-y type of therapy but am pretty excited about it in spite of my stance on the place of and need for firm science in treatments…
    Rant: This week and the massive amount of work I have to do….ugh!
    Rave: This weekend at least yielded a nice and clean house, plenty of leftovers, and time to experiment with baking – enjoyed a slice of a pretty successful lemon-lavender and Earl Grey tea pound cake with limoncello icing!
    Rant: This heat in April?! Are you kidding me?!

    • I Dont Get It

      That pound cake sounds amazing!

    • “my stance on the place of and need for firm science in treatments…”
      My stance has become much looser as I’ve gotten older for a few reasons.
      1) I’m more interested in what works rather than what science says works
      2) science is not as ironclad in its conclusions as I used to think it is
      3) medical doctors do not all understand science well, or in the same way
      4) there are still a lot of things about the human body that science doesn’t understand well
      Now I’m not saying I’ll choose reiki instead chemotherapy or heart surgery, but I don’t assume that my MD necessarily has the best treatment for everything. I guess it depends a lot on what I need treatment for.

      • Yes, I would agree with this!

      • HaileUnlikely

        I largely agree with you on this, with the caveat that there are a lot of quacks peddling snake oil out there. For every evidence-based treatment that we have today, there was a time when those same treatments were new and the evidence that now backs them up did not yet exist.

        • My evidence-based research is based on whether something works on me. (Even if it is placebo effect, if it helps symptoms, it has “worked,” no?)

  • Revel: Hey, that looks like my tree!
    Rant: Sorry, likely the last year it’s around. It’s really tearing up my front yard, concrete walkway, and getting close to my utilities and foundation.

  • Rant: I’m tired of cars not respecting pedestrians in crosswalks. This weekend, I was honked at by two cars for crossing in a crosswalk. The crosswalk had no light or stop sign, so I waited for traffic to slow before walking across the street, but of course, a car came flying through the intersection and couldn’t be bothered to stop. I had the right away and was walking at a decent pace.

    • I’m sympathetic but I’m not surprised :/ I stopped even trying to cross at those “stop for pedestrians” crosswalks a long time ago because I felt like I was walking into a death trap every time. Even at lights, though, drivers have been terrible recently. I’m still pissed about the *two* cars that honked at a woman with a walker crossing the street about two months ago. She had 30+ seconds left on the pedestrian signal — they could have waited to turn. Absolutely beyond rude.

    • Yes, coming from cities where there tend to be stop signs or light at most corners, this take-your-life-in-your-hands-and-try-to-make-the-drivers-to-stop system of crosswalks we have in DC seems senseless to me. Maybe they worked when DC felt more like a sleepy small town (or so I’ve heard) – but it clearly isn’t that anymore.

    • I’m super aggressive about crossing at crosswalks in a way that’s not smart. You know how you are supposed to make yourself look as big as possible if you encounter certain types of bears? That’s basically me at a cross walk.

      • I think making eye contact with the driver is a much better way of getting them to stop than taking up space, which seems not so effective to me – usually, the problem is they just don’t see you.

        • It is if you can get them to look up from their phones. Or if you can see through the other car that stops when the one in the next lane just blows past…. I think looking bigger would be great. Actually, someone should do a crosswalk campaign in one of those inflatable T-Rex suits to see if they can get anyone to stop….

        • Oh eye contact is part of my bear and cars strategy! ( actually, now that I think about it, I think there are some bears you’re supposed to make eye contact with and other bears you were supposed to avoid eye contact with – and I don’t remember which is which – so basically I am 75% likely to be eaten by a bear and/or hit by a car)

  • maxwell smart

    REVEAL: ‘Auditioning’ a new primary care doctor today, if only to get a referral to see my PT again so I can figure out why every bone and joint in my foot is popping while I run.

    • HaileUnlikely

      FWIW a while ago somebody on here mentioned/recommended something about a “running injury clinic” or similar at the National Rehabilitation Hospital. I though this sounded very interesting, as my usual experience of seeing healthcare providers about running-related injuries is that they simply tell me not to run for a while because running is bad for X, Y, and Z. (I’ve though about going but at this point I think there is a high probability that they will tell me that my hip hurts because I am much older, heavier, and less fit than I used to be and am being too aggressive with my occasional lame attempts to run in relation to my levels of fitness and fatness.)

      • maxwell smart

        Interesting. My PT is at MedStar and I know they built a new facility at 21st and L (haven’t been yet… it’s been a while since I’ve seen the PT). Once I make sure I am not broken, I think I need to start doing training… I’ve been looking into Urban Athletic Club – locations and class descriptions seem like what I

      • “too aggressive with my occasional lame attempts to run in relation to my levels of fitness and fatness”
        This pretty much describes all of my exercise attempts in the past year. I need to set a more realistic pace, in the hopes of sustaining it for longer than a week. Or a day.

        • maxwell smart

          When I stress fractured my tibia several years ago, when I was finally given the all clear to start running again, I downloaded the couch to 5k app – C25K – because I knew that if I didn’t force myself to use a program that limited me, I would jump in too quickly. I admit, it was frustrating spending week after week essentially walking, but for someone basically starting from scratch, it also was exactly what I needed.

          • the C25K program always frustrates me because I hate the walking portion… so I skip it… and then I get hurt again.. you think I would learn…… Those programs are actually very effective if you follow them.

          • I still occasionally run, but as I get older I increasingly see the need for weight training. I have done a variety of in-home programs over the past 3 years or so (or at least started them – think P90X) and now I am doing one that my wife recommended. Two years ago I would have sneered at, but it’s been really tough. Aging sucks, and the only think that sucks more is the alternative.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Just out of curiosity, what is the workout that your wife recommended that 2 years ago you would have sneered at? (Picturing “The 7-Minute Workout” or similar, which I too would have sneered at, but have since been humbled by…)

          • Ah, what the hell – Gillian Michaels 30 day shred (hangs head in shame). Level one, no less.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Wasn’t familiar with that one. Looks no easier than aforementioned 7 minute workout and is nearly 3 times as long! No sneering here 😉

          • Part of my shame (totally self-inflicted) is that the instructor made herself famous helping morbidly obese people who haven’t exercised a day in their lives lose weight – and I found the workout difficult. I know it’s irrational, but there you go.

          • maxwell smart

            Yeah, I am totally one of those people who is like “I run. I bike. Why would I need to go to the gym too?” despite the knowledge that strength training is super important and helps one not get injured. I lack the discipline to go to do it myself… I need a class or a trainer so I have a reason. Otherwise I’ll do a handful of push-ups, maybe some crunches, and call it good.

          • HaileUnlikely

            That’s a depressing thought with which I also identify, dcd, and same here, maxwell smart.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Seven years ago today, weighing in at about 30 pounds less than I did this morning, I was running the same marathon that today I am following on twitter while eating a cheese danish at my desk, and sustained a pace that I’m not sure I could run for two miles right now.

  • Rave: Had a lovely weekend staying with a friend in Harrisonburg! We went down into the mountains (forget which ones…? Just on the W. Virginia border?) and found this amazing lake, then hiked to the top. Yesterday we had brunch along Skyline Drive, then had a leisurely drive out through the rest of the park. Ahhhh.
    Rave: Staying in my friend’s guest room, with bathroom en suite, tall windows and a lovely, lofty ceiling. We live in a basement.
    Rave: Had a wonderful time catching up with my aunt via phone last night – I forget what a fascinating life she’s had.
    Rant: Stress/emotional eating. Already had breakfast #2. Ugh, I hate being here.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Wish I could quantum leap back to Friday to stop my aunt from falling out of the kitchen chair because that set of a chain of events that ended (for me at least) with me driving round trip to NJ on Saturday/Sunday to drop her back home. I swear I was hallucinating for part of my return drive.
    Rant: Played the role of chauffeur, mechanic, plumber, makeshift photographer and casino minder this weekend and I’m beat.

    • Yikes! That sounds crazy and stressful.
      And it’s definitely possible to be so tired that you start hallucinating while driving. I know this because it happened to me once when I was driving back to D.C. from Baltimore late at night — I realized that the SUV-shaped blob I was seeing on the road ahead of me was not actually there. It scared the bejeezus out of me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope your aunt is ok!

      • That One Guy

        My aunt is semi-paralyzed on the right side of her body due to a stroke so there are underlying mobility issues. Add to that the fall’s foot injury (lisfranc something or other) and she both in pain, unable to move and probably afraid and nervous because she’s been told not to put any weight on her right foot for 6+ weeks.
        If it weren’t for her insurance that is specifically designed for NJ coverage she’d likely would have been forced to stay here in the area where she has some added support.

    • holy crap, that sounds so stressful! Hope you’re able to find some time to relax and decompress!

      • That One Guy

        The only thing that came to mind in my head as I was sitting in church yesterday was Baymax (from Big Hero 6) in a diaper, riding a tricycle around in a circle while playing with a paddle ball in the dark. Yeah, pretty safe to say my head wasn’t in the right place.
        (Even I’m not a psychology major and can say that’s some F’ed up stuff.)

  • Rant: Facing down a big life decision: relocate to be closer to family… or relocate to the burbs and buy a house in this area.
    Rave: I’m excited to no longer be renting either way

    • I’d say if you are torn, then you really don’t want to leave – otherwise, the choice to make the move would be more clear. Long distance moves are hard, so it helps to be really on board and psyched about it.

    • I relocated to be close to family 18 months ago. During first year, at times questioned my decision, but no regrets now. Hardest adjustment for my wife and I was our social life. Basically it just revolved around family for that first year, which got tiring. Thankfully our social circle has grown a bit in recent months..

    • I am in the process of trying to move away from DC to be closer to family. I lost my mom about 5 years ago. My dad, stepmom, brother, SIL, and nieces are all in one place. As I get older I realize that those are the people that matter the most and we all have limited time with each other, so I want to maximize the time that I do have with them.

      • That’s nice if it works for you. As I get older, I realize that my family is mainly just a constant cause of pain to me, and that what matters most is relationships with people who don’t treat me the way most of my family does, and that absolutely minimizing time with almost all of my family members (to the point where I’d be happy to never see many of them again) is the better choice.

  • Rant/Plea (?) – I know this is a huge long shot, but I believe my wallet was lost this Saturday between 3:30-4:00 pm on the 53 North bus line, somewhere between 14th/T and 14th/Irving. and aside from the routine hassle of a lost or stolen wallet, it also contained a few items of incredible sentimental value. I’ve done my due diligence in contacting all the necessary folks, but thought I’d try to get in touch with the community as a final effort. Maybe someone out there saw it/has it/turned it into the authorities?

  • Rant: the family visit went as badly as expected. They still refuse to take any action to get help for their very ill adult child and guardianship conversations get nowhere. This person is completely gone at this point – she can’t bathe herself, has stopped responding even to physical stimuli (she’ll grab burning things and not realize it) and spends all day & night walking in circles arguing with voices. And still they do nothing besides trying to “reason” with her. You can’t reason with someone who doesn’t even realize real people are in the room with her!

    It’s like watching a train coming at us but we can’t move out of the way. My level of anxiety around this is increasing and other than continuing to go to a counselor, I have no idea what to do. It is a strain on our marriage already and it will only get worse once my in-laws are gone. I’ve read the books, attended the NAMI classes, talked to doctors, researched residential programs, etc. I don’t know how to help my partner cope with this. I feel so lost.

    • Emmaleigh504

      How stressful. hugs

    • That One Guy

      Is this a case of indecision about what is the best course of action by the parents or flat out denial that there’s anything to be done?

      • Denial – for years they wouldn’t admit she was sick (despite multiple involuntary commitments all over the country). When they finally conceded something was wrong, the solution became religion instead of science and medicine. Now they can actually say she is mentally ill, but prayer and “reasoning” with her are the only things they seem willing to do.

        • Ugh. I am so sorry. That’s really doing her a disservice, too. If she does get well in the future, I can bet she won’t be happy that no one helped her re-claim those years. Is there a way to reason with the family along these lines?

          • Sadly that hasn’t worked either. Even doctors explaining that the window for ANY treatment to work was rapidly closing and that inaction/delay could very well mean she would never get better didn’t change their approach.

    • My husband’s family has a simliar situation, although the condition isn’t as serious. His brother is bipolar and still lives at home. His sister has cut off ties completely with their parents because of the situation with the brother – he was threatening in front of her kids. Their mother refuses to acknowledge that anything is wrong and can’t figure out why her daughter has ceased all communication, my husband doesn’t really want to go home anymore…it’s a big, tense mess.

      • I’m sorry, that sounds terrible. Fortunately our family member isn’t threatening, though when she was present enough to interact with family members she could be extremely cruel and manipulative occasionally. One of the scariest aspects of the parents’ denial is that there are no plans in place for her care in the future. She cannot live with us. If you have an suggestions/things you are doing to prepare for the future, I’d love to hear them!

        • That One Guy

          A discussion about estate planning, as a whole (for both parents and daughter), is probably warranted but given their current position that’s a tough sell. Sorry you/partner are in such a tough spot

    • could you or your partner request an emergency petition EP for psychiatric evaluation for her? grabbing things that are burning = danger to self, it sounds to me like you have a good case for an EP, and it could be the 1st step for being admitted into a treatment program

      • We’ve tried a few times. The result is lengthy involuntary commitments where she finally gets medicated and somewhat improves, but the moment she gets out she stops being compliant. Plus the court is just unwilling to keep her in a moment longer than necessary – the moment she is not an immediate danger to herself or others she is released, regardless of what condition she is in. It’s bascically a rinse and repeat scenario for the last 6 years (though she’s been ill longer than that). Without guardianship there’s no way to keep her in a residential program, which is the only thing that might work at this point.

  • justinbc

    Rant/Rave: Oddly, Home Depot had better looking plants this season than the new Lowe’s. I was hoping to write HD off for good, but Lowe’s is already dropping the ball.
    Rant: Missed the march on Saturday because work is just insane lately.
    Rant: Missed the gym all week for the same reason. Can’t wait for some normalcy.

    • Thanks for the heads-up! Gotta go stock up in plants for the spring!

    • What kind of plants did you get?

      • justinbc

        Just perennials for a few planters I have that I had been using annuals in and wanted to swap. Thankfully I’m done with all the “big” planting for a few years, unless one of the bushes / trees mysteriously dies off.

        • justinbc

          Although the city actually did come and cut down the huge tree on the sidewalk that was in front of our house, and we’re not sure if / when they’ll be replacing it with anything, so my neighbor and I are trying to come up with a solution for that big tree box if they don’t.

  • Rave: What a lovely weekend!
    Rant: ACHOO!

    • My allergies are insane right now. Crazy amounts of pollen in the air. I got my car washed on Saturday morning and by Sunday morning it was already covered in a yellow layer of pollen.

    • I’m very confused about my allergies right now. I have had bad allergies previously – lots of sneezing and congestion, mainly in the spring. This year? Nothing. Not even a sniffle. I’m pregnant – could that be the difference?
      I mean, it sounds like a blessing – but it’s weird when things change so abruptly. Like did I have a stroke or something?

      • Andie302

        This is me too (only I am not pregnant). I’m normally sneezing, coughing, and nose-blowing year round…but right now I am fine! It’s insane to me, but I’ll take it!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My “roommate” is going out of town for eight days starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a quiet, sane household for a few days.
    Rave: I’m taking Friday off to do some long overdue power cleaning. I’m thinking of getting a resource from TaskRabbit to “help.” And by “help” I mean do the bulk of the work in between secretly tweeting out pics of the mess.
    Rant: I’ve given “roommate” the final ultimatum to get out all of his piles of stuff from the dining room before he leaves or I will dispose of them. This ultimatum was first given in in 2015 and includes all the crazy stuff he‘s piled in the fireplace a part of his Wiccan altar.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My mailman is getting a little too forward. He hugged me Saturday, then wanted another hug immediately after. Nope.
    Rave: Work breakfast went better than expected. (It helps that my mom taught me how to not have awkward conversions.) Introduced some people to new people. All around success.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Rant: This administration seems hell-bent on starting a war with North Korea. Great.
    Rave: Moving in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to do it and get it over with!
    Rant: Yesterday was hot. Did a leisurely 5 mile hike in Rock Creek and was pretty tired. My foot ankle/still always sore, even though the doctor said the MRI came back negative.

  • Happy emancipation day- Does anyone know if any dcpr recreation centers are open today? I can’t seem to find the answer.

  • Rant: I live near the S-buses and the 50-buses and have noticed that frequency has gone way down at rush hour and unreliability is getting even worse. Does anyone know what’s been behind this over the past few months?

    Rave: Summer vacation booked.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: John Wall showed out. Dude is a superstar.
    Rave: Bryce, the other local superstar, also had a pretty OK day.
    Rant: Did a double and visited both my parents and my wife’s parents this weekend. Families are overrated.
    Rant: Have to take off work this week for a bachelor party in…Danville, VA. Atlantic City it ain’t.

    • Very curious, what’s the bachelor party plan for Danville?

      • jim_ed

        I am also curious. I know one day we’re supposed to go to Virginia International Raceway for some sort of car or kart racing thing, but other than that it’s like 4 days of a bunch of dudes at a house together?

  • RAVE: finally saw the Kusama exhibit yesterday.
    RANT: crazy amount of hoop jumping and waiting to get through the exhibit. My day started at 645am and we finally finished walking through the exhibit at 2pm. Nuts.
    RANT/RAVE: an insane child was nearly tackled by security at the exhibit for attempting to grab the stuff phallus pieces at least 3 or 4 times. I think the family was eventually kicked out of the exhibit because the boy was so difficult to control! He was a sprinter.

    • What did you think about the Kusama exhibition — was it worth the time you spent to get in? (I assume you got same-day tickets? What time did you get there to get in line on Sunday?)
      I am planning to try again for advance tickets at noon today but expecting that I’ll be unsuccessful.

      • And this time they sold out about 12:01/12:02 — even faster than last time (12:03) or previous times (12:06).

        • you guys are gonna hate me, but I just got Sunday Kusama tickets (and it was my first time trying; 100% success rate!)…

        • maxwell smart

          I FINALLY managed to get 1 ticket, after trying for 4 weeks, on Monday, at 10:30am. Guess I’ll be calling in sick to go to the museum. Might as well hit up a baseball game, a french restaurant and dance in the local parade while I’m at it.

      • Sure. I posted a long write-up on DCUM, there’s a 5 page thread there on getting same-day tickets….re-posted here. I’ve already convinced an out-of-town friend to not try to do it with his 5 and 7 year-old kids. It’s too tough on antsy youngsters.
        “We went today (Easter Sunday).

        My friend arrived at 7am and got on line for timed tickets. She counted about 70-80 people ahead of her. The first couple at the head of the line had arrived at 5am, we asked them.

        We arrived at 8am with breakfast and coffee, joined our friend on line. We got into the Hirshhorn lobby at 10:30am and they gave us 4 timed tickets for 11am. We bought our souvenirs in the basement, used the bathroom, and put our stuff into the free lockers. I highly recommend buying your souvenirs first. They are starting to run out of merchandise and will not be ordering more since the exhibition is ending soon, FYI.

        We went back outside at 1050am and got into the timed line. You’re let in exactly at 11am and go through security. By the time it was 11am, they had already closed the line for people queuing for timed tickets. Those people still in line at 11am would be getting timed tix for a 6pm entrance. Crazy.

        Our 4th friend couldn’t make it by 11am so we gave our extra ticket to a Spanish photographer on line still waiting for timed tix by himself. We probably saved him about 7 hours of waiting around, he was extremely thankful. Our good deed for the day

        Once inside the exhibit, you are constantly waiting on line to go into each room. The wait for rooms was anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. So many antsy kids, it appeared that most families were bailing after the first 2 rooms. One young kid kept running onto a platform to touch the stuffed phallus pieces and security nearly tackled him. After three or four incidents with him, I’m pretty sure they asked his parents to take him out of th exhibit. They were right in line behind us and we didn’t see them again after the first room. The kid was nuts.

        Overall, it was a ton of fun but I wouldn’t do it again. Way too little time in each room. Also, I’m convinced that the Hirschhorn has greatly restricted the number of online tix. People are trying to sell them on Craigslist for $75-100 each. It seems that if you get there before 8am, you’re guaranteed to get a timed ticket for some point that day. Personally, I’d send one parent early to get tickets (one person can get four tickets). That works well for a family of 4. If you’re at the front of the line, you can request a ticket for later in the day.

        The show will be in Cleveland next year. If you go there to visit family, I’d recommend waiting until then. Lines should be shorter.

        Kusama was a test of patience for me and I’m 35, haha. I can’t imagine taking kids to this.”

      • In sum, show up at 7-730am on a Sunday morning (don’t need to pay the parking meter) with breakfast, a good book/magazine, a folding chair, and headphones. You can ask for up to 4 tickets and you’ll probably get in almost immediately, unless you want to request a later time in the day. Once you’re in the exhibit, you’ll do a lot of waiting on lines to see each piece (for only 20 to 40 seconds).
        It’s your call whether or not it’s a good use of your time. It’s crowded, but also a fun atmosphere. I’d recommend leaving the kids at home, if they are under the age of 10. Otherwise bring lots of iToys, books, and snacks for them….they will get bored and antsy at some point.

  • Rant: Missed a bunch of scenes in last night’s episode of “Home Fires” because there were planes or helicopters flying nearby and disrupting the signal.
    Rave: My irises are continuing to bloom. All of them came from either Freecycle or the Craigslist free section, and so it’s exciting because I don’t always know quite what they’re going to look like. I was astonished this morning to discover that one has bloomed as a russet flower with a yellow “beard” — I thought it was from a batch that was supposed to be blue and white!
    Rant: Discovered MORE moth damage to a wool rug, and tiny live moths nearby. Any tips on how best to fight an apparent moth infestation? (I’ve been looking online, but would welcome tips from the PoPulace.) From the internetz, I’ve determined that they’re webbing moths (Tineola bisselliella).

    • Emmaleigh504

      I won my battle with moths by replacing my wool rugs with synthetic rugs. Luckily, the moths hadn’t made it to my clothes (because the rugs were such good eats). I also used moth traps to catch any remaining male moths to cut off the reproduction cycle. I am now moth free 🙂

      • Thanks — I’ll look into moth traps.
        I had a bad feeling that any solutions were likely to involve getting rid of the rug. 🙁 The rug wasn’t very expensive — I bought it used, in very good condition — but it has a pretty pattern.

        • You don’t need to get rid of the rug, but you do need to send it out to reputable persian rug cleaners – they will use water (a lot of it, not like how carpeting is cleaned with a little) and that will take care of the problem – let them know you had moths so they can take their own precautions.
          Actually, the rug is the easiest thing to de-infest and keep clean. Regular vacuuming and looking at it for signs of infestation is supposed to work – that is, if the rug in on the floor and not rolled up in a closet – that’s how I lost a few rugs to carpet beetles. Will sell any rugs I can’t use in a given place rather than store them again.
          What is it with DC and these beetles? I’ve had moth in other (more northern) cities, and have had them here, too. But I’ve also had the larger carpet beetles in my last DC place, and yesterday I spent the day cleaning and found some infestations of the smaller ones. I suspect that they do come in the window cracks (though I have screens) as I read on the internet, rather than having been hanging out in the cracks in the baseboards of the building, as they weren’t around in the first few years I lived in either place, though that is also possible I guess. I’m tired of having my clothing eaten!

          • Thanks. I paid only $40 for the rug — I don’t know how much it would cost to clean it, but I suspect it might be as much as the rug itself, and I’m not sure it’s worth it at this point, esp. with the damage that has already taken place.
            I might try taking it out to the balcony or the back deck and spraying it — and getting rid of it if that doesn’t do the trick.

        • Emmaleigh504

          You could try putting pesticide on the rug and see if that works. I decided against that route because my rugs were cheap. Maybe if I had a yard I would have taken them out and put bug spray on them, but I don’t.

          • Emmaleigh504

            also a couple of my rugs were so badly damaged it wasn’t worth keeping them. There was only one that I got rid of that wasn’t badly damaged. Those moths sure can eat a lot!

  • Rave: Made my chili last night so I’m set for the week.
    Rant: Didn’t doze off last night until midnight which means I’m a zombie today. I hate this pattern of laying in bed for 2+ hours before dozing off. Earlier that day I slept for over 2 hours so I think my whole sleeping rhythm is off.
    Rant: Cold as hell in my office right now.
    Rave: Had a good chat with my mother last night.
    Rave: I liked Home Fires last night.

  • Rant: Washing machine overflowed in my basement, lots of water that needed mopping up including a difficult to reach area under the basement stairs
    Rant: Happened at 10:30 pm last night
    Rant: Finally got to bed but kept waking up, at 2:53 I reached for the Ambion
    Rave-ish: Clean basement floor? Pulled everything out from under the stairs so I have an opportunity to sort through it?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Hell, be grateful your laundry is in the basement. I know people love having their laundry machines on the same floor as their bedrooms, and I get the appeal of that as well, but I hardly know anybody who this hasn’t happened to at least once, and I’d much rather have this happen in the basement than on the second floor.

    • I had to chuckle on your attempt to find a rave in the whole crazy situation. Bravo for positive thinking!
      HaileUnlikely, that is a good point re. upstairs washing-machine placement.

      • I Dont Get It

        I’d kill for a first or second floor laundry. I’m way beyond the washing machine in the basement stage of life..

        • Right now I’m telling myself to think of my rowhouse as my own personal Stairmaster (and crossing my fingers that I don’t develop knee/mobility problems when I get older).

          • Don’t we all if we live long enough? I’m past the age of thinking I’ll ever purchase a home requiring stairs next time I buy – but then, I like to plan ahead.

  • Rant: My allergies are so terrible. The gunk that’s coming out with my Neti pot is horrifying.
    Rant: Daycare is closed today.
    Rave: Baby Artie’s Oma is watching him this afternoon so I didn’t have to use a whole day of leave.

  • I Dont Get It

    Late question: Has anyone used the Rinse app for regular washing and drying? There is a backlog of laundry here.

  • Late day rant (bc it probably sounds too self aggrandizing/complementary): I have too many friends that I care about. Lately some friends have been complaining that I don’t give them enough time, which I understand. At the same time, this is what happens when youre the kind of person that grows close to people quickly, and then they move/you move/they move back/you move back, etc, and youre left with a lot of people you want to make time for, but you cant make it all work. I know this doesn’t seem like a rant, but I just feel exhausted, and almost upset that i cant be there for all the people I really care about.

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