• anon

    Goose parking is one meter up.

  • anon

    Yes, Lois, I know it’s expired, but I’m out of change. Can they put it on my bill?

    • AJSE

      I’m quacking up at this one

  • trey033

    Mama duck: “it’s your own fault, you NEVER ask for directions!”

  • Sue

    Phil Mendelson the duck takes the best spot and stays there.

  • DCrat

    It’s okay, I’ve got the app.

  • anonymous

    Lets duck from the parking meter maid.

  • Anon

    “If I stand on one leg and limp, can I park here for free?”
    “No one is buying it, Louise.”

  • Andrew

    In DC, even ducks have to settle for studio apartments.

  • IDontGetIt

    Q: How do you get down off a parking meter?

    A: You don’t get down off a parking meter… you get down off a duck.

  • anon

    Jesus Bob, we’re in duckin’ Washington DC. There are literally fountains EVERYWHERE. Get the duck out of that filthy puddle.

  • Eddie Sherman

    It’s a hot night. The mind races. You think about your knife: the only friend who hasn’t betrayed you, the only friend who won’t be dead by sunup. Sleep tight mates, in your quilted chambray night shirts.

  • ah

    Maryland Duck can’t manage to park in the proper space.

  • Blake

    Goose Island taking marketing to a new level for the Craft Brewers Conference

  • LittleRockAR

    Trump, 83 days in and still can’t get his ducks in a row

    • kanon


    • Elvis’s Mom


  • KenyonDweller

    Drake privilege

    • Sean

      This one made me LOL. Nice work.

  • CJ

    In a world of micro-units, microbreweries, and microdermabrasion, we’re pleased to announce the future of urban waterfowl living: Micro-ponds.

    • Pete B

      +1 +1 +1 The latest sign that the whole Pop-up trend has really gone to far….Duck waits in line to try D.C.’s newest pop-up “Pond”.

  • Alex

    “Do you see Parking Enforcement?” “No? Okay, we’ll just wing it. We’ll only be 5 minutes.”

  • llinds

    “I’m just going to sit here and pretend everything is not happening.”

  • NW DC

    “I’ll wait here. I don’t want to run a-fowl with Parking Enforcement”

  • Anong

    Let’s see who’s getting a parking ticket today- duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!

    • APRO


  • MadMax

    Even Adolph Hitler did not sink to the level of issuing parking tickets to ducks.

  • madmonk28

    Learn how to ducking park!

  • Mug of Glop

    Those ducks could have made this much more Instagram-worthy if they had the common decency to loiter next to a pair of meters that had one of those green heads on it.

  • textdoc

    Park at a D.C. meter without paying and you’re a sitting duck for a ticket.

  • JoeyInDC

    After being forcibly removed from their overbooked migration flight, these two had to find an Uber.

  • RealityCheckDC

    Finally! An opportunity to lease a private (traffic) island in 15-minute increments.

  • APRO

    Don’t miss this sweet efficiency at 720 Penn!

    Amazing city street views, private pool. $2.00/hr!

    • Pete B


    • Elvis’s Mom

      Nicely done.

  • dcd

    Budget cuts have really hit the National Park Service hard.

    • welshie


  • CityKitty

    Frank, did you read the sign? I’m pretty sure it says “this is a no quacking zone.”

  • bean

    I thought they said this was a swamp?

  • Duck Life

    These city lakes are small, but I just love being able to walk to happy hour.

  • SS

    “I guess they are Draining The Swamp”

  • metsfan

    Squatters’ rights

  • lemon

    “No dude, I said it costs two bucks per hour”

  • soozles

    Occupy K St.

  • General Grant Circle

    Trump was not a fan of the Tidal Basin – so he downsized it.

  • Laura

    Everyone is a victim of Trump’s swamp draining.

  • Adrian Castillo

    Understaffed and a decrease in their annual budget, parking enforcement tries to come up with some “creative solutions.”


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