Pie 360 closes at 655 K Street, NW

655 K Street, NW

Wow that was fast. Readers report:

“In restaurant closure news, it looks like the Pie 360 on K Street (btw 6th and 7th) might be gone for good. There is a handwritten “closed” sign on the door, and it’s a little hard to see in the photos but the pizza oven and all the equipment has been removed. The Pie 360 opened last September.”

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  • Not surprised. The pizza didn’t taste good, and for yet another &Pizza rip off, it took them a long time to cook the pizza, and they shouldn’t have opened two blocks away from an actual & pizza if they were going to be so derivative

  • The neighborhood is saturated with pizza places. &pizza, Wise Guys, RPM, Alta Strada, Sbarro, Papa Johns, Matchbox, and more(Busboys serves it) within about 4 blocks.

    I went once and it was average at best

  • It was bad. I vowed never to return after my first visit and I live only a couple of blocks away. Excited about having a better restaurant as a new neighbor, hopefully. Shouk is great!

  • I’m sorry to see them go as I live right nearby. Went a few times and especially liked their spicy tomato sauce. Only thing I didn’t like was how their basil was so finally chopped for their margherita pizza. I prefer full leaves.

  • maybe now we’ll get a bagel store…

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