Megabus Takes Out Streetcar Stop at 3rd and H St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2017 at 1:00 pm 23 Comments


A reader reports just before noon from H Street between 3rd and 4th in the eastbound lanes:

“Totally took out the streetcar stop”



H st street car destroyed

James reports:

“About 2 hours ago, a Megabus headed eastbound on H completely destroyed the 3rd and H st streetcar stop. He must have somehow jumped and ridden the crub. Hard to tell if there were any injuries. I don’t think anyone was at the stop. There is glass and debris everywhere (looks like it shaved off the edge of the curb). This is directly in front of the construction site that collapsed earlier this week. Would have been scary to have been in at the front of the upper deck. Check where the front glass shattered due to the stop overhang.”

  • kalicki

    Uh, wow. Brakes fail coming down the hill or something?

    • InRosedale

      It is pretty flat there. People drive like madmen on H St. though so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone made a move in their vehicle forcing the megabus to avoid a collision. That, or just recklessness on the part of the bus driver.

      • MadMax

        H Street is one of the only areas in town where I tense up driving through it, trying to be on extra alert. Between the people seemingly always wandering in / crossing through the street illegally and the people not signaling to park or turn out of a lane it’s just a constant accident waiting to happen.

        • DRC

          LOL how is this any different from the rest of DC? You just described my commute for 3 years going in and out of the city every day. People crossing the street whenever they feel like it, drivers never using turn signals, stopping whenever they want to park in the middle of the street, running stoplights and signs at will, etc.

          • textdoc

            DRC, is your commute along Georgia Avenue?

    • ET

      Course the Megabus driver could just be a bad driver……

  • LNontheHill

    That block is having a rough week!

    • Brooklyn Brawler

      Was thinking the Same thing. Wow. Literally same spot.

  • Anon

    Disgruntled metro driver stole a bus to prove that WMATA isn’t the only inept program in town?

  • Truxton Thomas


  • andy2

    URL should have been Megabusted

  • anoNE

    Megabus taking one for the team today, I see.

  • MadMax

    ROFL this is so DC. It’s gonna cost $25 million to repair that stop.

    • Anonthony

      And the streetcar will be shut down for the next 2–3 years so a study can be done.

    • elbeech

      Good thing no one rides the streetcar so no one was injured at the stop.

      • textdoc


      • L.

        I live very close by and there’s usually at least a few people at that stop, esp at rush hour and weekends. Thankfully it was the middle of the day — looks like anyone sitting/standing there would have been killed.

  • anon

    at least it didn’t catch fire

    [. . . how could I be the first to make that comment? ]

  • JL

    example no. 100 why people can’t drive in this town and also why we need MPD traffic enforcement actually in police cars, enforcing traffic…

    There are some of the worst drivers I have ever seen in this town.

  • Cherry

    Quick, what’s the state tag of the MegaBus?

  • Tom

    They can use streetcar fare revenue to rebuild the—waaaiiittttt a minute…

  • Gordon

    I have to same, I’m often shocked that all of the commercial bus traffic continues to use H St to get to and from Union Station. With the streetcar and the added foot and car traffic due to the popularity of the H St corridor, do we really need dozens of larges buses adding to traffic as well?

    • textdoc

      What other route would you recommend for them to get to 295?


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