• dcsince2001

    I actually lived in the 3rd floor apartment in the one on the left back in the early 2000s (when the Blockbuster Video was on the corner across the street). Thanks for the memories, PoP!

  • OP Anon

    I live down the block from here. Is it two SFHs? One big building (like a giant group house)?

    • dcsince2001

      They were originally two single family homes (duplex), but, at least for the one on the left, at some point the owners converted it into a SFH (where they lived) on the 1st and 2nd floors, a 3-bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor (where my roommates and I lived), and a 1-bedroom English basement apartment. At least that was the situation in the early 2000s – could be different now.


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