“For second time in two days, Metro Transit Police arrest same suspect for indecent exposure”

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm 35 Comments

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via Metro Transit Police Department


“For the second time in as many days, Metro Transit Police have arrested a 27-year-old D.C. man on charges of indecent exposure on the transit system. The suspect is identified as Alex Thomas-Dorsey of Northeast D.C.

In the first incident, around 8:45 p.m. Monday, April 3, the suspect was observed masturbating on a Silver Line train between Metro Center and L’Enfant Plaza. When the train arrived at L’Enfant Plaza, a passenger pointed out the suspect to an MTPD officer on the platform. The suspect was stopped, arrested and interviewed by MTPD detectives. That night, officials at D.C. Pretrial Services released the arrestee on a citation.

The following day (yesterday), the suspect boarded a Metrobus on the B2 route in Southeast D.C. In the 2000 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE, at approximately 8:15 a.m., the suspect began masturbating and completed the act on the floor of the bus. The actions took place in front of other passengers, including at least one juvenile. When a passenger notified the bus operator of the suspect’s actions, he exited the bus and fled the scene.

MTPD detectives retrieved digital video footage from the bus’ onboard camera system and immediately recognized the suspect as Thomas-Dorsey from the previous day. Detectives then responded to the suspect’s place of employment, where he was arrested a second time late last night.

Indecent exposure offenses are considered a misdemeanor in the District of Columbia. Despite this, MTPD devotes significant time and resources to fully investigating all reports of indecent exposure for the safety and security of all Metro riders. In addition, police believe that so-called “minor” offenses can escalate to even more serious crimes.

Metro Transit Police encourage anyone who is the victim of harassment or any sexual offense on Metro to report the incident by calling (202) 962-2121, sending a text to “MyMTPD” (696873), or using MTPD’s online reporting tool at wmata.com/harassment.”

  • “…and completed the act on the floor of the bus.” Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    • above7-11


      • FridayGirl

        Wow, +2. That was way too much information for me to read without warning.

        • Effie

          I was reading wondering “um, did they really just write that”… talk about TMI!

          • Emmaleigh504

            total vom

          • PFlyer

            +3. Unfortunately, this ain’t the kind of hard-on that WMATA wants its riders to have for public transportation . . . .

  • T

    A misdemeanor? A citation? This freaking stupid city.

  • B

    He did shave though.

  • LCinDC

    I appreciate that he got a fresh cut for the second one, as if he knew he was coming back for picture day.

  • Dude

    Tomorrow – streetcar, defecation (to completion).

  • textdoc

    I wonder how long before we hear that this guy has been arrested for sexual assault — clearly the likelihood of getting caught is not a deterrent for him. :(

    • kittycatbob

      Agreed. Acts like this are usually precursors to more violent sexual assaults.

  • timmyp

    Sooooo what’s the limit here before he can really get in trouble for this? I swear I saw a segment on the news just this morning about women being sexually harassed on the Metro and metro police urging them to report it.

    Why would they bother if nothing is going to happen?

    On another note I believe it’s sexual assault awareness month. So be aware that there are pervs out there that repeatedly commit blatant sexually lewd acts that get slapped on the wrist in DC. My guess is letting behavior like this go could eventually lead to sexual assault. Just be aware of it until May.

    Sorry for the snark but this is insanely frustrating to me as a male. If I was a woman, my head would have exploded reading this.

    • Dude

      It’s not exactly something that’s fine for a man to observe either.

      • timmyp

        No sh*t, thanks for nullifying the rest of my point with this useless comment.


    So what happened after he was arrested the second time? I read this a couple times and not sure if I missed anything, but does he just receive another misdemeanor and sent on his merry masturbating way? Also, if the second incident included a minor who witnessed the event, would that constitute a more serious charge? Clearly, this man needs help and I would echo the concern of other commenters as to how long before this guy actually sexually assaults someone. DC judicial system, get it the f* together.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The timing and immediate recognition of the offender by officers who viewed surveillance video reminds me of the young man who was arrested for trying to rob somebody and then assaulting the arresting officer, sent on his merry way later the same day, and then stabbed a man to death on the Metro the following afternoon.

      • INWDC

        This is so wrong. Why why why is the DC judicial system such a mess (am I right that they’re the real problem here)? It’s like they colluded with metro officials to figure out a way to make DC a complete joke.

        • Anon

          Why? Ernest efforts to minimize institutional racism.

          • Truxton Thomas

            Like “Ernest Goes to Camp”-quality efforts.

          • Anon

            lol – oops

          • Truxton Thomas

            Heh. ;)

        • Anon NS

          On one hand, people think that the growing prison population is a problem. On the other, people complain when people are locked up. I happen to be in favor of jail time, but I know a lot of smart people feel differently.

          • FridayGirl

            But there’s a difference between going to prison for stupid ass non-violent crimes (i.e. marijuana distribution) and crimes that are violent or could escalate to violence. The vast majority of people who don’t want to throw people in jail don’t want to throw them in jail for non-violent, non-threatening crimes. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t would some creepy ass sex offender dude in jail.

          • FridayGirl

            Sorry for all the choice words. I got a little too passionate there. Hahah….

          • prgkmr

            to play devil’s advocate, isn’t public masturbation technically a non-violent crime as well? I definitley wouldn’t call it victimless, however (which is what many people really hate about our industrial prison system).

        • Aglets

          DC doesn’t have autonomy over what happens to the criminals. It’s in the hands of the feds and there is VERY little communication between the two entities. It’s infuriating. The post recently did a few articles about this.
          But this is another reason to push for Statehood for DC

  • navyard

    Remember the hand shackles/belt that Chucky had to wear on Sons of Anarchy? (before he had his hands chopped off).

  • Pulling in Petworth

    Looks like yesterday’s creepy Alex Thomas-Dorsey is giving the “F-Me eyes” to today’s creepy Thomas- Dosrsey.

  • CapitalDame

    I would have thought that since the second act occurred in front of a juvenile they it would warrant a more serious charge, no?

  • MadMax

    Wtf is wrong with men? I’ve literally never read a story about this happening with a women. It’s always guys, every single time. Progressive cities like DC should create tougher laws for stuff like this to break the mentality that it’s somehow something that anyone ever wants to do.

  • April

    I’m pretty sure that this is the same guy who was exposing himself to pedestrians in Northeast on M Street last year! Popville reported on it here: https://www.popville.com/2016/08/the-noma-flasherpervert-is-back-again/ and here: https://www.popville.com/2016/02/noma-flasher-dc/

    This guy was groping himself right outside my NE home a few times and I know he was arrested at least once. With a repeat offender like this, you would think he would get something more than a citation!

  • andy2

    Cuming to a train/bus/streetcar near you!

  • Emi G

    I reported a man matching this description via WMATA’s online reporting tool. I saw him (or someone who looks VERY similar to him) masturbating across the aisle from me on a red line train toward Glenmont. I have received no response from metro…wish I could confirm if this was the same man. Sadly, it’s not beyond possibility that it’s someone else as virtually every female friend I’ve had has encountered indecent exposure — it’s rampant. I managed a blurry picture that is basically unusable. Sigh. Disappointed in myself.

  • grammar_security

    “When a passenger notified the bus operator of the suspect’s actions, he exited the bus and fled the scene.”

    Sloppy grammar alert! The structure of this sentence bothers me because the author refused to specify the antecedent for the subject “he” in the main clause. There are three distinct possibilities.

    Possibility #1: After notifying the bus operator about the situation, the passenger then fled the scene, (which I probably would have done after seeing the finishing act).

    Possibility #2: The passenger told the bus operator of the situation, and then the bus operator then said, “F This! I’m out” and then fled the scene (which would be par for the course for Metro).

    Possibility #3: Upon hearing the description of the “finishing act” put into words, all three antagonists realized the absurdity of the situation. Each of them then fled the scene of the crime, hoping to avoid what would surely be a prolonged and awkward debriefing by MPD.


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